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Repeat The Remarkable: How Strong Leaders Overcome

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One thing I have learned in my years of leading teams is that achieving a remarkable performance is no guarantee of repeating remarkable performance."

As a program director with IBM Leadership Development, Perry Holley has traveled the globe to improve personal and team performance in his company. He has seen first-hand how IBM has managed to stay on top during good times and bad throughout its century-long history. It all comes down to leadership that never accepts average, views challenges as opportunities, and always strives to make a difference.

Repeat the Remarkable is Holley's toolbox for organizational leadership that drives remarkable performance--and keeps it running full throttle. The ability to repeat top-notch performance is precisely the difference between good companies and great companies.


PERRY HOLLEY is a program director with IBM Leadership Development. He serves and leads global teams, their managers, and top executives in developing and repeating remarkable performances.

My first book, "Repeat the Remarkable" captures my view that life is not about chance, but about choice. I have found in my own life that it is Choice and Consequences. We all reap what we sow. If you want to reap great things then you must sow great seeds. These seeds come in the form of great thoughts, great actions, and great habits. Success in life pursuits does not happen by chance, it is the result of the choices we make, the seeds we plant and the consequences which result.


"One of the demons that overcomes individuals and organizations is complacency. This book contains the perfect antidote. Holley uses his IBM experience as a powerful metaphor for the value of discipline that ultimately inspires individuals and teams to soar to new heights."
-- JACK ZENGER, coauthor of the bestselling The Extraordinary Leader and The Inspiring Leader

"Perry is a natural teacher. You walk away from each chapter with renewed enthusiasm for personal improvement change."
-- JON PRIAL, IBM WW Vice President, Sales Enablement, retired

"It is easy to fall into the trap of complacency after the big win. Perry lays out a plan to help you avoid that trap and become intentional about higher performance."
-- T. FALCON NAPIER, founder, The Institute for Productive Tension

"Perry is Remarkable. Thirty years of remarkable success is proof. If you too want to be remarkable and lead a remarkable team producing remarkable results--buy, read, and study this book. It's all in there."
-- DARREN HARDY, publisher of SUCCESS, CEO mentor, and New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect

"Repeat the Remarkable is full of great ideas to help you lead yourself and lead your team to greater heights."
-- MIKE MADSEN, Vice President, IBM Software Group, Mid-Atlantic