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The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders

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Errol Lawson, a best selling author, publisher, and coach that works with a variety of individuals in education, entrepreneurship and church based ministry around the world, this week released his latest work, The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders, available on book distribution platforms today. In his first book aimed directly at a Christian audience, Errol went on a quest to discover what it takes for a Christian leader to become an influential and impactful leader in their generation. Lawson sat down with 106 of the most influential Christian leaders in the world right now to discover the keys to their influence and success. He said, Imagine every member of your church executing their purpose and doing exactly what it was that they were called to do in the places where they are called to be and transforming lives all around the world. It was this idea that inspired him to pen the latest work. For hundreds of years men and women of the church have been at the forefront of innovation and social reform, said Lawson. In science, health care, education, social action and entrepreneurship Christians, inspired by their faith, have stepped out courageously to respond to the challenges of their times. Great organisations like Barnardo's, the Samaritans, The red cross, The YMCA, The salvation Army are some examples. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all time, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, CS Lewis, Mother Theresa and many other leaders in the modern day era. Leaders interviewed for Lawson's new book include niece of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Dr Alveda King, notable Rabbi and best-selling author Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and online marketing strategist and best-selling author Perry Marshall, as well as many other internationally recognised and outstanding leaders. After reviewing the information from the interviews, Lawson identified 5 key things that all leaders embody. He coined these 5 things The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders: 1. The ability to create and communicate a compelling vision 2. The ability to create and manage wealth 3. The ability to defy self-doubt and lead with conviction 4. The ability to get the best out of the people you lead 5. The ability to focus on the key activities and delegate or eliminate the rest Through this new book, Lawson teaches readers how to step into their biggest challenges, realise their leadership potential, and make an impact in their generation for Jesus.


Errol Lawson has an amazing personal story. He is from Birmingham in the UK. Born in 1980 he successfully overcame the challenges of his teenage years - which involved getting involved with gangs and drugs - to become a Pastor, entrepreneur and inspirational role model to young people around the world. In his first book "From the postcode to the globe - How to overcome limitations and realise your potential" he shares many of the stories and lessons learnt during his life that have helped him to become the leader that he is today.