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The Advanced Citizen

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The Advanced Citizen is a collection of essays excerpted from "The Advanced Citizen" newsletter, proprietary publication of "The Winners Circle," an invitation-only club for high achievers and personal growth enthusiasts. Each chapter covers a slice of life that leaders and advanced citizens would need to move forward in their chosen fields. Themes like self-development, communication, relationships, prosperity and leadership are explored in detail. When considered as a body of work, it serves as a roadmap to excellence and productivity for aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers.


Dennis Perman, DC, award-winning author, speaker, healer and coach, has trained thousands of doctors of chiropractic and other wellness professionals and paraprofessionals over three decades. Co-Founder of The Masters Circle Global, he has delivered hundreds of presentations to enthusiastic audiences all over North America and Europe.His innovative Capacity Technology provides a road map to personal growth and professional success. In six books, hundreds of newsletters, over a thousand online columns and dozens of audio and video products, Dr. Perman offers his original materials and perspectives on self-development, communication, leadership, health, business, team-building, personality engineering, and brain-based wellness.