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The Bookends Of The Christian Life Bible Study And Leader's

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The Bookends of the Christian Life, written by Bob Bevington and Jerry Bridges, has captivated many churches across the nation. The book has been used by God to transform the lives of many as it has provided a vehicle to examine the framework that supports, stabilizes, and secures the believer's life in Christ. The Bookends Bible Study and Leader's Guide were developed to give you the unique opportunity to dig even deeper into God's Word to explore the framework of God's plan of salvation and the Gospel. Learn how leaning on the Bookends of the Christian Life the Righteousness of Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit can provide hope to live a life free from guilt, pride, and self-­righteousness. Join us in exploring God's promises that will re-­ignite your passion and appreciation for the gospel and motivate you to live a gospel-­driven life.


Bob Bevington has practiced optometry since 1980 and cofounded several companies. His passion, however, is the message of the cross.