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The Chief Growth Officer's Manifesto: Why Every Business

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Why This Manifesto Is Written For Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers And Entrepreneurial Business Leaders

The Chief Growth Officer's Manifesto shows business leaders how to create more valuable organic growth. It presents the seven important competencies of the emergent role of Chief Growth Officer.

This manifesto draws lessons from top-performing companies throughout the globe who are winning by getting it right.' A new, balanced and timely approach to growth is emerging through the advancing role of the Chief Growth Officer.

These hands-on business leaders demand nothing less than full potential from their operating units. They develop repeatable, sustainable processes that they apply to their approach to growth over and over again to make their companies more valuable over time.

Whether or not your business is the clear-cut leader in your industry, you cannot afford to ignore how the best companies are transforming the business landscape using the seven growth-focused leadership principles explained in The Chief Growth Officer's Manifesto.


Allen R D'Angelo


In The Chief Growth Officer's Manifesto, Allen D'Angelo advises us that the pursuit for growth is best achieved when it is grounded in a process for growth.

Allen's guidance for growth is clearly laid out in this manifesto. Using these principles has resulted in significant growth in my business.

By placing a process for growth into the planning and, by extension, the culture of your business, and by establishing the strategies in this fine book with your managers and decision makers, abundant opportunities will be discovered. You will find a methodology herein, to weigh and position these newly found opportunities for meaningful growth for your business. As this process for growth becomes a part of your company's culture, it can become an effective tool (and competitive advantage) for leaders to have at the readyskilled growth-minded managers and team members.

- David Ripianzi, President
YMAA Publication Center, Inc.