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The Power Of Being Articulate: The Thoughtful Leader's Model For Wealth And Happiness (Power)

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Start with this thought: Your success in your professional, financial, and personal life depends to a great extent on your ability to articulate. I first learned the truth and power behind that statement when I lived in a grimy coal-mining and steel-making town in Pennsylvania, where it was clear that articulate professionals were more successful than the less articulate miners and mill workers. My education continued years later at the top levels of government, business, and academe where I observed power brokers and decision-makers use their considerable skills with language to think clearly, arrive at logical decisions, and convey those decisions clearly to others. And over the years, I saw that my happiest friends and associates were able to communicate clearly with spouses and others with whom they enjoy close relationships. "In short, my intuition told me that language is the root cause of a more fulfilled life. Along came Pete and this book." - John Yasinsky, Former CEO, GenCorp


Pete Geissler has had a ball writing more than three million words during his 40-year freelance career. He has worked for major business firms, and his words have been published or spoken in formal settings. Four books that focus on management and personal success fill out his portfolio. Pete has also taught professional and technical writing at Carnegie Mellon University and Duquesne University and at various companies. Throughout the decades, Pete has always been impressed by the superior language skills of those happy folks at or near the top of the corporate hierarchy and by the students who earn the highest grades, thus sparking the inspiration for this book. Pete's other books include: The Power of Writing Well, The Power of Dignity, The Power of Ethics (with Bill O'Rourke). Divorce Can be Such Sweet Sorrow, and Bigshots Bull*!@#.