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The Word Effect

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In 2005, Becky Kemp was faced with a pivotal moment: another son was on the way. This was not the path she had envisioned for herself. Yet, she learned a crucial lesson - life doesn't follow our scripts. Becky found herself spiraling into the depths of self-inflicted suffering each time her life veered from her meticulously drawn blueprint. It was at this lowest point that she learned a life-changing truth - the power of words can dramatically change your life. This was the dawn of an extraordinary journey.

"The Word Effect" encapsulates Becky Kemp's profound discovery, articulated through seven simple, yet powerful words. These words are tools for everyone, providing a roadmap to keep moving forward, towards becoming the person they wish to be, even when life presents unexpected detours.

These words serve as a compass, providing direction through any decision, relationship, or life experience. They empower you to keep progressing, preventing stagnation, and enabling you to live your most beautiful life.

"The Word Effect" is not just a book; it is a testament to the transformative power of words. It echoes Becky Kemp's belief that everyone possesses the ability to rewrite their narratives, to change their words, and in doing so, create their most beautiful life. This change is simpler than you might think. Dive into this book, and embark on your own journey of transformation, guided by the potent power of words.


Becky Kemp is a certified life coach and mentor who is dedicated to helping others recognize that change is possible and that each of us is capable of creating a beautiful life. She also serves as a board member of the National Speaker’s Association, Mountain West Chapter and in the National Speakers Association, and is an active volunteer in her church and community.

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