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Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership: Executive Lessons from the Bully Pulpit

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Harness the Power of TR's Charisma
Theodore Roosevelt was a leader of uncommon strength who, through the sheer force of his extraordinary will, turned America into a modern world power. Thrown headfirst into the presidency by the assassination of his predecessor, he led with courage, character, and vision in the face of overwhelming challenges, whether busting corporate trusts or building the Panama Canal. Roosevelt has been a hero to millions of Americans for over a century and is a splendid model to help you master today's turbulent marketplace and be a hero and a leader in your own organization.


James Strock is a best-selling author and speaker on leadership. His passion for the practice of leadership spans four decades. He's an independent entrepreneur and reformer in business, government, and politics. He is the founder of the Serve to Lead Group. Strock also served as the founding secretary for environmental protection for the State of California; as the chief law enforcement officer of the USEPA; general counsel of the US Office of Personnel Management; and special counsel to the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. His books include 'Serve to Lead,' 'Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership,' 'Reagan on Leadership,' and 'Disrupt Politics.' Strock is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and served to captain in the USAR-JAGC. He divides his time between Arizona and California. He can be reached at


"The great thing about U.S. presidents is that as chief executives of the most complex organization on earth, their wisdom is invaluable to business leaders. This book renders its subject as an aggressive, risk-taking master of PowerPoint-friendly advice."

"Vigorous is the best word to describe Teddy Roosevelt and Strock does a fine job of communicating the energy with which our 26th president approached every aspect of his life."
-- Business Review Reader

"This book is filled with invaluable lessons for twenty-first century leaders. It deserves a place on every executive's bookshelf."
-- John C. Maxwell, author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, founder of INJOY

"Strock's book may well become a kind of Bible to many people, a manual for inspiration that people will keep in the office desk, on the bedside table, or in the briefcase for easy and quick renewal."
-- Theodore Roosevelt Association Journal