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True Leaders, Part II

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A Gift To Humanity True Leaders will be the book in the 21st century that will create a storm in our society because of the demands from large numbers of people interested in bettering themselves in order to better the conditions in this world. This book will provide a clear direction for those individuals who are desperately seeking some answers in their lives and a better way to solve their problems without tapping into religious texts. At the same time, it teaches the basic principles of psychology and sociology to help readers explore who they are and to empower them to become leaders in their own right. True Leaders is a daily guide that covers topics that concern readers in all aspects of life, in areas such as Personal, Family, Workplace, Community, and Country. It provides moral solutions to our day-to-day issues on friendship, parent and child relationships, man and woman relationships, employer and employee relationships, leader and follower relationships and, most importantly, our relationship with ourselves. This book makes the idea of "doing the right thing at all times" the motto for everyday living in mainstream society. It will forever change the lives of those readers who are touched by this book due to the author's practical wisdom, compassionate message, and inspirational voice. This material will benefit readers from teenagers, college students, and housewives to working professionals. Readers will include those with very little education to intellectuals, from everyday people with very little psychology background to mental health counselors, from atheist and agnostic to spiritual believers, and last but not least, from the average citizen to leaders in our governmental sector.


True Leaders is the only book written by an author who has the tenacity and inner wisdom to speak directly and passionately on the topic of morality, at the same time offering us a comprehensive background on the human psyche that is easy to understand and practical to implement. The author, Dr. Belinda Liau, born in 1970, came from Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.) over twenty years ago. She has been residing in the United States ever since. Dr. Belinda Liau is a licensed Acupuncture Physician and has her own practice in Lake Mary, Florida. She also holds an MBA degree and an MS degree in mental health counseling and psychology. Throughout the last ten years, Dr. Liau has been involved extensively in searching for the meaning of life. She has studied and meditated extensively in the fields of psychology, sociology, Eastern and Western philosophy, metaphysics, and world religion to support her findings about the core of morality and its universal truth and to communicate that wisdom to others. The author possesses the caliber of other great motivational speakers in our time in delivering this very important message to the masses.