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Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion

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The president's enemies cite the number of indictments and guilty pleas wracked up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his associates as proof of Donald Trump and his campaign's criminal wrongdoing. Yet as Fox News' legal analyst and commentator Gregg Jarrett makes clear, Mueller's probe has produced no evidence and no indictments in support of his original mandate.

Jarrett shows that while the president's enemies are desperate and determined to find something, their efforts have proved futile. In this book he outlines the various charges since the publication of The Russia Hoax, including the indictments against Trump long-time confidant and advisor Roger Stone. One by one, he knocks the criminal charges and media-driven innuendo down, making clear that the tens of millions of dollars Mueller has spent has been a wasteful misuse of taxpayer money.


Gregg Jarrett is the New York Times best-selling author of The Russia Hoax. He is a legal and political analyst for Fox News, and was an anchor at the network for fifteen years. Before joining Fox News, he was an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC and an anchor at Court TV. He is a former trial attorney. He lives in Connecticut.


Democrats and the media continue to just lie through their teeth. What we've lived through-- are still living through--has been a coup from the get-go. It is a plot to overthrow President Trump. There are so few people telling the whole truth about this; Gregg Jarrett is.
Rush Limbaugh

Gregg Jarrett has done it again by writing a superb follow-up book to his number one bestseller, The Russia Hoax. His stunning account of how unelected officials plotted in the shadows to influence an election, sabotage a duly elected president, and drive him from office should alarm all Americans.
Sean Hannity

If for no other reason, one should read Gregg Jarrett's new book, Witch Hunt, for its excellent and penetrating analysis of the Mueller Report. In-depth and comprehensive, Jarrett's breakdown unmasks the false narrative still being peddled by Democrats and the media.
Joseph DiGenova, Former Independent Counsel and U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

Witch Hunt is both a riveting account of abuse of authority and a reminder of just how fragile our democracy can be. Jarrett thoroughly and convincingly paints a scary picture of officials at the highest levels of our federal government breaching the trust of the people in an attempt to undermine Trump's presidency and remove him from office.
Jon A. Sale, Criminal Defense Attorney and Former Assistant Watergate Prosecutor