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Your Best Life Later

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What every parent intent on raising serious Christ-followers needs to know and pass along to their children. Open the pages of this journal and enhance your spiritual maturity in walking with God through daily Bible study and prayer that refreshes the soul, keeps your life anchored, and stayed on Jesus, the Vine, so you'll bear fruitfulness and ensure your best life later.

Spiritual maturity is for those who Watch daily at My Doors (Proverbs 8:34). This is what these devotional journal entries are all about. If there was ever a time to watch daily at God's Doors, it is now, as we watch the world around us engulfed in fear change right in front of us.

Each journal is presented as a daily devotional for edification, inspiration, and perseverance to jumpstart the daily discipline needed to spend time with God, in His Word, and in prayer. Imagine these journals were written to you personally and pass these Godly messages along to your children as part of your legacy and their heritage from a Godly parent. It will ensure you live your best life later.

About The Author:

Andy McQuitty |

Andy McQuitty is a husband, father, and grandfather; an avid reader, tennis-court rat, golfer, writer, and Harley rider. But his favorite pastime is being with his family. Andy earned his Th.M and D.Min degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary where he received the C. Sumner Wemp Award in personal evangelism as well as the John G. Mitchell Award for outstanding scholarship and effectiveness in ministry. Andy has served as a youth pastor in Tacoma, Washington, an associate pastor in Garland, Texas, and as senior pastor to Irving Bible Church (Texas) for 32 years.


At the young age of 30, Andy McQuitty began journaling words of wisdom for each of his five children on topics including discipline, marriage, authentic faith, work ethic, politics, and so much more. He gave each child their journal as a surprise when he took them to college and now the content has made its way into a book to impact others. I've always admired Andy McQuitty, and now my admiration is even greater. His journals were unquestionably an expression of unconditional love from a father seeking to share what he believed to be wise counsel. This book is a genuine treasure, with insights that are just as relevant today as they were several decades ago. Readers will be blessed by what this father shared with his children, and many parents will be inspired and led by the Lord to follow Andy's example.
– JAMES ROBISON Founder and President, LIFE Outreach International Fort Worth, Texas

Your Best Life Later is a refreshing glimpse into the heart of a father who has God's best in mind for his children. The excerpts of Andy McQuitty's journals gifted to his children are full of intentionality, humility, transparency, and a vulnerable authenticity not often found in a leader. My friend Andy is a man who sought to pastor his children and not just the churches he served. The book is a good model for those who want to be godly mentors.

– Mark Bailey President, Dallas Theological Seminary (Ret.)

We all need people in our walk with Christ that are further along to help shepherd us along His path. We also need people that may be a few steps behind us so that we can pass down our own experience and knowledge and put those tools to use for the Kingdom. This book by my friend Andy McQuitty serves as both. It beautifully outlines lessons in life that we may learn for ourselves and pass down to others. The truth and vulnerability displayed in these pages are great reminders of both God's love for us and the love we must share with others.
– Justin Leonard 1997 PGA Open Champion

As a father of three, I was brought to tears reading Your Best Life Later. Through twenty-five years of journal entries, Pastor Andy gives a unique glimpse into the spiritual and life lessons that a Christian father passes along to his five children. I've known Andy and his wonderful wife Alice since my wife and I began attending Irving Bible Church in 2006. We have often asked them for advice and spiritual direction as we navigate the turbulent waters of parenting. Your Best Life Later is a beautiful (true) story of the advice given during peaks and valleys of parenting and childhood, the relationships that are built and evolve in a Christian household. It contains biblical guidance that all parents and children should follow. I'm thankful that Andy had the wisdom to understand that these loving journal entries to his children should be shared with the world. I'm equally thankful that Julie, Elizabeth, Bonnie, Jon, and Jeff raised a great dad!
– Mark Teixeira Major League Baseball All-Star

You may also contact Andy at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.

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