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Get Ready to Go to Jail

Get Ready to Go to Jail

After being fast-tracked through the Canadian Parliament in December without extensive debate, Bill C-4 passed into law. It took actual effect on January 8. This law declared that the Christian beliefs that heterosexuality and cisgender identity (the belief that gender corresponds to one’s birth sex) are preferable, are “a myth.” Because of this law, it is now illegal in Canada to give counseling to help people who want to deal with unwanted homosexual feelings. Violations carry a potential five year jail sentence.

Now you are thinking, “Canada? Isn’t it a free country with freedom of speech and individual liberty guaranteed in its constitution? How can that be?”

Well, you might think that, but a set of worldview beliefs that allows its legislators and judges to interpret the plain reading of a text to mean something entirely different now seems to dominate Canadian society. It doesn’t matter that freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights. It has been decreed that freedom of speech doesn’t really mean freedom of speech anymore. The Naturalistic worldview belief that is now the default worldview foundation of Canada allows the meaning to be interpreted differently.

Naturalism is the belief that the natural universe is all that exists. For Naturalists, there is no God who is able to reveal transcendent moral truth, so objective moral truth is not a thing. For them, human beings are the only creatures who are able to think in moral terms, so they must make up their own morality as they go along.

When it comes to the idea of law, laws, for them, are not objective notions. They are considered good things to help order society, but the interpretation of the law is left entirely up to the whims of those who hold power. Thus, if a law is enacted, it doesn’t necessarily mean what the writers of the law intended. It means what the modern day interpreters want it to mean. So, in the past, while people were free to talk about the truths of the Bible regarding homosexual behavior, that belief is now being interpreted a “myth,” and engagement in that kind of mythological talk has been outlawed.

Who knows where all of this will lead, but not all Canadians are taking this lying down. On January 16, over 4000 pastors in Canada publicly expressed their willingness to protest from the pulpit.

Nothing quite this drastic has yet hit America, but during the COVID shutdowns there were many states and municipalities that forbade churches from meeting (while at the same time allowing other kinds of businesses and organizations to remain open). But what all of this points to is that the outlawing of Christian beliefs, and the increasing persecution of Christians, is most likely in the cards.

So as we face this prospect, what are we to do about it? First, we must recognize that standing up against this kind of evil is not simply a matter of getting upset about it. There are actually several elements that need to be addressed.

  1. Become aware - What is going on is not something that is simply going to happen in the future. It is something that is happening already – right now. It is manifested in numerous areas and we need to see it where it exists. It is in the false and slanted reporting of the news media. It is the various expressions of Marxism that are being taught in our educational institutions. It is in the immoral and agenda driven plots of our entertainment in movies and TV shows. It is in many of the laws being passed by our legislators and the rulings made by judges.
  1. Become educated about what is wrong - Part of becoming aware is becoming educated. Marxism is solidly atheistic and very much anti-Christian. The people promoting it are also very sly about how they infuse it into society. BLM has mixed it in with the notion of racial equality. CRT (Critical Race Theory) has mixed it in with training our children using inequality as a tool. Legislators have mixed it in using the various welfare systems of the federal government. And if you don’t understand the underlying concepts, you will simply not see it.
  1. Become educated about what is right - Secret Service agents don’t study counterfeit bills to learn how to detect them. They study the real thing, so when they see a counterfeit it jumps out at them. Sadly, too many Christians are ignorant of the bottom line truth of their Christian faith, so they have a hard time detecting false beliefs when they hear them. There is no substitute for becoming solidly grounded in our faith.
  1. Become active - It is not sufficient to recognize what is bad. We need to ACTIVELY work for the good. This means confronting evil beliefs where they are out in society. It may mean speaking up at public meetings, running for office, speaking to elected representatives, sending letters to entertainment executives, refusing to watch certain TV shows, movies, or sporting events, voting, and acting in a whole host of other areas.
  1. Share your faith - This is, without a doubt the most important. All of the others involve affecting the societal environment so that our freedoms can be protected. But ultimately, the only thing that will make a difference is changed hearts and minds. And the only way that happens is for people to come to know a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You have to get up to speed on this and be active sharing Christ.

To be sure, all of these things will be hard. And the way things are moving right now, at some point may end you up in jail. Are you ready?

Freddy Davis is the president of MarketFaith Ministries. He is the author of numerous books and has a background as an international missionary, pastor, radio host, worldview trainer, and entrepreneur. Freddy is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Communication, and holds MDiv and DMin degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a popular speaker, particularly on the topic of worldview and its practical implications for the Christian life. He lives in Tallahassee, FL, with his wife Deborah.

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