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What could be so bad about people dressing up as a member of the opposite sex? Perhaps a little off the beaten path, but essentially harmless, right?

Well, if dressing up as a member of the opposite sex was all there was to it, maybe it would be just a harmless little fetish. But in American society right now, that is not the story. What is really happening is that:

  • Drag queens in vulgar dress are promoting their perversion in front of children.
  • Teachers in schools around the nation (literally by the hundreds) are confusing students by telling them that maybe they really are a member of the opposite sex.
  • Men are being allowed to participate in women’s sports. (Why just recently, a Minnesota judge ordered USA Powerlifting to allow male-born athletes who identify as female to compete in the women’s category.)
  • State legislatures are being bombarded by violent protestors who are against bills designed to protect children from the madness.
  • People are being fired from their jobs for being against the transgender immorality.
  • The English language is being changed to accommodate and normalize transgender behavior.
  • Doctors and hospitals are actively promoting “gender care” where children are being given puberty blocking drugs and having surgeries that mutilate their sexual organs – procedures that will cause them to be under serious medical care for the rest of their lives.
  • Men who identify as women are being housed in women’s prisons. (And yes, women in the prisons are getting pregnant. Who could have guessed that would happen?)
  • Medical and psychological associations are rewriting their guidelines to make transgender treatments a normal part of medical care.

And here’s one for you. Now some trans women (that means men who identify as a woman) have figured out a way to mimic period symptoms. What they are doing is freezing tomato juice and ...  well you can figure it out from there. I suppose this is one of the reasons they are demanding feminine hygiene products be placed in mens restrooms at schools (that along with allowing women who identify as men to use the men’s rooms). SMH

Honestly, how weird can it get? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, there we go.

Personally, I don’t get it. None of this makes any logical sense. These people are living in a fantasy world. Gender is an immutable biological reality. It cannot be changed – period! Even with hormone treatments and mutilation surgery, a person who is born a man is still a man and a woman is still a woman. You simply can’t change a person’s DNA. All people can do is pretend. All they can do is live in a fantasy world. They are, literally, science deniers.

But the really crazy thing is, those of us who recognize reality for what it is are the ones who are being attacked and demonized. If we are not willing to pretend with them, we are the bad guys.

Are you aware that a pastor in Canada just got arrested for protesting a drag queen story hour in a public library. He has been thrown in jail for his protests against these vulgarly dressed men flaunting their “stuff” in front of small children. In a sane world, it would be the drag queens, the library administrators, and the children’s parents who would be hauled off to jail for child abuse. But this is the sick world we live in.

The problem though, is not really all of this transgender nonsense. That is only a symptom. The real problem is that society is currently dominated by a naturalistic faith that has no objective value system. Under that belief, everyone gets to make up their own values, and the ones that are able to dominate all the others get to rule – literally the law of the jungle. And, since their relativistic morality applies in every area of life (not just their preferences regarding sexuality), they have no problem attacking police, accosting and disrespecting public officials, breaking windows, burning buildings, or anything else that gets in their way.

In the end, there is only one solution to this. It will require a change of heart of those who are so off the reservation. It will take a work of God in their lives.

At the same time, believers do have a responsibility to maintain order in society by not allowing the transwierdness chaos to stand. As God’s stewards, it is up to those who have not lost their sanity to not allow the damage this is doing to our children – and to society in general. It is right for Christians to take a stand in positions of authority and beat back the madness. It is right for Christians to shout the truth about sexuality from the rooftops and drown out the evil voices. And it is especially right for Christians to share the message of the gospel so that those who are lost without Christ can get their lives back.

Freddy Davis is the president of MarketFaith Ministries. He is the author of numerous books entitled The Truth MirageRules for Christians RadicalsLiberalism vs. Conservatism, and his latest book Shattering the Truth Mirage and has a background as an international missionary, pastor, radio host, worldview trainer, and entrepreneur. Freddy is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Communication, and holds MDiv and DMin degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a popular speaker, particularly on the topic of worldview and its practical implications for the Christian life. He lives in Tallahassee, FL, with his wife Deborah.

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