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Generous Congregants - day 30

Generous Congregants - day 30

Generous Congregants

Galatians 6:6
Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor.


Most Americans today have very little trouble finding a church. There are churches everywhere: Big churches, small churches, contemporary churches, traditional churches. When someone moves, they hardly even need to think about a church because they’ll just find one when they get to wherever they’re going.

In a way, all these church choices are a huge blessing. I mean, what a blessing that we can hear the Bible preached all over the country. The downside, though, is that people sometimes stop thinking of their church as valuable. Rare things are valuable, common things aren’t. If churches are common, then there is no perception of value. If the church I attend gets a little boring or stiff, or I just feel like a change, I can just leave – after all, there’s another church just down the street. Sadly, that’s how a lot of Christians treat their church.

But, Paul says in Galatians Chapter 6 that we need to share all good things with the people who give us instruction in the Word. This especially means our pastors. Our pastors labor in the Word for us. They pray for us. The Bible even tells us that God will call pastors to a high account for the job they do. Christians are called to show these pastors great generosity in all good things.

Do you pray for your pastor? Have you ever made him a meal? Do you share your God-given treasures with him? Do you, in general, live generously toward your pastor as the Bible tells you to?

Once you’ve been generous toward your pastor and church, you might also think about the different ministries that also bless you. Do you have a radio ministry or a magazine that regularly brings you blessing from the Word? Do you have friends or family who have been faithful to share with you from the Scriptures? If so, then you can be generous toward them, as well.

For all the ways people have encouraged you to live in God, you can encourage them right back with your generosity.

Today’s Generosity Challenge:
This is simple. Before you head out the door today, call three folks, from your church or other Christian ministry, who have been instrumental in your spiritual growth. If it’s an organization, ask to speak to the CEO or Pastor. Ask for a few minutes to tell them what they mean (or meant) to you. They’ll be blessed and so will you. Make sure you journal the experience below. By the way, it’s actually quite amazing how few people say “Thank you” to the ministers of the Gospel out there. So go ahead, make their day!

About Michael Stickler

Mike is an author, radio host, and a highly sought after motivational speaker. His best-selling book, A Journey to Generosity, is widely acclaimed throughout the Christian community. He is the publisher of Generous Living Magazine and writes for the Christian Post, 'A Generous Life' column.


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