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3 Words

3 Words

I want to tell you that this is long. It is also a post about Jesus and me just to inform you up front and if you are not a follower of Christ, I hope you will take just a few minutes to read the WHY behind today. I am calling this message to you and me today by the title of 3 WORDS.

This is a difficult day. It is called Good Friday, but this day, I remember that my hero, my savior went through horrific things no one should ever have to bear. His skin was ripped from his body, beaten so badly his mother could not recognize him because his body was mangled and his head swollen from being beaten so badly and yet he carried a piece of splinter wood (gopher wood) as much as his body could to his even more horrific pain awaiting... he is put against two pieces of wood and secured to them by large spikes driven through the top of one foot crossed over the other through the other foot out near the heal and driven into the wood to secure his body from that point and then the other two spikes were driven through his wrist area between bones that could support his weight without ripping off. He was then raised upon this cross of wood and it dropped into a base dug to secure the cross and the body attached. As he was slowly bleeding to death, and his entire body weight was held by three points of spikes driven through his flesh, he was recorded in history to have spoken while on that cross. He spoke to two other men convicted of crimes and offered them hope...HOPE WHILE ON A CROSS!!!!! He never stopped caring...WHAT WOULD YOU BE THINKING ON A CROSS YOU ARE NAILED TO??? Then he was being mocked by an angry mob of people and Roman guards. At one point in sheer mind-blowing pain he screamed out to God.. WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME????!!!!!!! I mean, DO YOU BLAME HIM?! He then does what only a man like him could have done...He regains composure, focuses on his reason, his mission. It was YOU. It was ME. He mustered up all he could and still fought for breath eventually saying 3 words... I think it is one word for 3 very important days that have SAVED MY LIFE and yours too. He said... IT IS FINISHED. He completed the task. EVERYTHING I would ever need in my life, everything I would cry for, seek, need, HE COMPLETED by OVERCOMING something that seemed to defeat him. DEATH. For a period of time, while sealed into a tomb, he was dead. But those 3 words... IT...IS...FINISHED...Friday, Saturday and Sunday changed EVERYTHING.

Reports came in that his body was not there. Sitings in the community were saying... HE IS ALIVE!!!!! 3 new words!!!!!!! HE DEFEATED DEATH! 3 WORDS!!!! I AM FORGIVEN!!!!!! I HAVE LIFE!!!! You see, HISTORY itself reports this, not just the most read, most popular, most lasting, most real truth and book of all. On this day, I remember the pain, agony, and torture my beloved savior Jesus Christ endured. I know he did it for you, but for just a moment, I must think that he did it just for me! JUST FOR ME. 3 words. My friend, if you don't know him like this if this doesn't stir you from your very core. If this doesn't make you see yourself as someone who is in need of what he did and you want to. I offer you 3 words. 3 words that can change your life. 3 words that change EVERYTHING. TRUST IN CHRIST. If you need help, reach out. It doesn't take a powerful church service or some pastor somewhere to get it done. Just simply say to him 3 words... I SURRENDER ALL. If you want to know more, I have been left alive on this planet to do just that. You see, I should be DEAD. I have been told by several doctors that fact. That doesn't even include the insanely sinful life I lead that should have taken me out years ago too. So, if you want to know the Jesus that I know, the one who set me free, the one who helps me be the #GodsGotThis guy (even when I find it more difficult than you can imagine doing so) message me. I'll help with what I can and what I know. I have resources too. Things to help you understand some things you don't. To reveal some things you haven't seen and to start living the life that Jesus left for you to continue. This is your day. This is your time. If you have made it this far in what I have written today... Perhaps it is your time to say 3 words too...IT IS FINISHED!!!!


Matt Crump help people overcome their biggest life obstacles so that they can regain freedom and reclaim a purpose to create a meaningful life.

I am also a guitar-loving, car crazy, restoration restoring collector of many things! It is always God first, family second and do guitars and cars count as family?

I used to be a drug and alcohol addict, gave my life to Christ and he gave me a whole new life and a brand-new wife. That was about 30 years ago, and both are still paramount in my life. She deserves a medal!

I'm an entrepreneur, business owner, pastor, speaker, singer/songwriter, personal and business coach and so excited to add AUTHOR to the list and my first book is now published and also available here on Amazon. There is more and you can visit my site for that. See you there!


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