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#GodsGotThis is a book that uncovers life in areas where you'd least expect it. How can joy and freedom come from misery and pain? How can the looming thought of death be a place to ignite hope?
These stories and moments are examples of how things that seem or seemed bad actually turn out good.#GodsGotThis
Each chapter is followed by a 2 page journal designed to bring hope through a tool called the #GodsGotThis Moment tools. Once learned and applied, you'll be able to discover some incredible gold waiting to be mined in your life.
Matt's hope is that the stories he shares will bring hope to yours and a solid foundation to know that no matter what circumstance or situation you find yourself in, you will be able to proclaim as well #GodsGotThis.


Matt Crump help people overcome their biggest life obstacles so that they can regain freedom and reclaim a purpose to create a meaningful life.

I am also a guitar-loving, car crazy, restoration restoring collector of many things! It is always God first, family second and do guitars and cars count as family?

I used to be a drug and alcohol addict, gave my life to Christ and he gave me a whole new life and a brand new wife. That was about 30 years ago and both are still paramount in my life. She deserves a medal!

I'm an entrepreneur, business owner, pastor, speaker, singer/songwriter, personal and business coach and so excited to add AUTHOR to the list and my first book is now published and also available here on Amazon. There is more and you can visit my site for that. See you there!

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