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GetPublished Authors Take a Worldwide Tour

GetPublished Authors Take a Worldwide Tour

This year GetPublished's authored books travelled the globe to the most significant book shows in the world. Each show receives significant pre-show promotion and between 30,000 and 40,000 attended these shows throughout the year.  The New Title Showcase was busy throughout most of the shows with over 35 author signings taking place across both Bookexpo and Bookcon alone. 

Here is the list our the 2018 Book Shows GetPublished Participated:

2018 American Library Association Midwinter

2018 Public Library Association

2018 London Book Fair New Title Showcase

2018 New York Rights Fair

2018 BookExpo America

2018 BookExpo New Title Showcase

2018 Public Library Association2018 American Library Association Annual

2018 National Education Association

2018 Frankfurt International Book Fair Book Shows


New York Rights Fair

The first edition of the New York Rights Fair was this years big surprise.  Over 1,500 registered participants from approximately 20 countries, and an additional 1,700 BookExpo participants with rights, exhibitor or press badges that were eligible to attend as well.

The exhibition hall featured about 160 exhibitors from around the world, including collective French, Italian, and Nordic exhibits. “You never know what to expect the first time, but it was perfect,” said Nathalie Carpentier, founder of French Pulp Editions, an exhibitor. The publisher counts a backlist of 2,200 popular French fiction titles from the second half of the 20th century and used the fair to connect with the East Coast publishing and film community. “We will be back next year,” she said. The Global Rights Showcase is also an official exhibit of the New York Rights Fair and was placed in prime location. Traffic was busy most of the time and just about all 750 catalogs were distributed.

For both Bookexpo/BookCon and the New York Rights Fair, orders are not written at the show.  Attendees will almost always order from distributors and wholesalers or online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Our author exposure to these large important markets will help them "get the word out" and hopefully sell additional copies of their books.

We would love to take your book with us in 2019. You could get started by contacting a Literary Agent today.


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