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Graduating From Life Coach School

Graduating From Life Coach School

Have you ever heard of a ‘life coach’? Did you know that becoming a certified life coach is much, much more than just giving yourself that title? It involves months of attending demanding classes, engaging in difficult coursework and assignments, and ultimately passing ridiculously rigorous tests and exams. 

I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for life coach school last year. I just knew that I was deeply seeking a way to further my ability to help people as a health coach and brain trainer. My wife, Carla, went back to school in 2020 and became certified as a Functional Nutritional Coach. And then, after officially “retiring,” we made the decision to start a new company called More Than Healthy™. We both felt driven to help others experience the dramatic health improvements we’d experienced since July 2018.

Let me explain…

Carla and I started our previous business, IdealShape, back in 2003. We had great success, and we were able to help thousands of individuals transform their bodies by losing weight through exercise and an amazing hunger-blocking protein shake. It was so fulfilling to see people change and get healthier. But, sadly, the weight loss didn’t always last. We struggled to watch each time someone would lose 50 to 200 pounds and then falter, putting all the weight they’d lost back on, and often more. 

In 2014 I wrote and published a book, Think, Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline. At that time, I had been studying how to help individuals through brain training. With the Think book and a series of audio CDs, I hoped to help our clients with what I thought was a missing link in the weight loss journey.

But then, my own health problems derailed our dreams. When the doctors told us my cancer was back for a third time, my wife started preparing to become a widow. She insisted we sell the company so that I could focus on my treatment. 

Cancer and its ugly consequences completely stole my dream of building IdealShape into a lasting legacy. We sold IdealShape to a company out of Europe which went on to completely destroy every successful concept that we created. What a devastating waste.

Then, in March 2020, after three years of being in remission from bladder cancer, I felt inspired to write a book about my health journey and the steps we took to reclaim my health. After 18 months of writing, editing, and rewriting, our book, “Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code”, was published.

Life Coach School

Now Carla and I work with clients to reverse their health conditions through diet and lifestyle choices. It’s amazing what can happen when you remove certain foods and start healing your gut – that’s how and where true healing starts. But so many times we’ve worked with people who are suffering from poor health who say they’d rather die than sacrifice their favorite unhealthy foods and beverages. It blows my mind when I hear people say that.

Enter life coach school. I made the decision to earn this difficult, demanding certification so that I could better help people through the emotional issues of getting healthy. 

Since 2003 I have studied Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Hypnotherapy, and Mindful Meditation. Yet I still felt like I didn’t have the key to help people overcome their mental challenges with poor health. Those of us who are successful in overcoming these challenges know that discipline determines destiny. We’ve also found that we have to be our own advocates for our health and well-being because the medical world hasn’t fully caught up yet.

Doctors mean well, but my experience has been that a doctor has an extremely limited time allotment to meet with a patient. In fact, one doctor I know told me they were given six minutes per patient. During those few minutes, they try to understand what the symptoms are, and then the first step is to medicate. If medication does not work, then the problem is solved with surgery. Until I met Dr. Steven Gundry, not one doctor ever discussed nutrition and supplementation as a solution for illness and disease. I even had doctors who laughed at that idea.

The brain is the key

During my battle with cancer, I was completely focused on figuring out why my immune system was not working. Due to my sugar-addicted brain, I continued to sabotage my efforts. Dr. Gundry, Dr. O’Bryan, and other doctors who have built restorative health practices finally help me understand that sugar was literally killing me. 

All of this led me to further search for ways to train the brain to overcome food and beverage addictions that created inflammation in my body and a compromised immune system. That’s when I discovered Jody Moore, an inspiring life coach who wrote a book, More Than Happy. I started watching her blogs and listening to her podcasts. She had graduated from The Life Coach School. I started researching them and realized that they had a model that could effectively change behavior.

The challenge begins

As is typical for me when it comes to something I get really excited about, I dove in head first. But then, I hit a wall. This program was grueling for me. Learning to really understand the circumstance someone is dealing with and getting to the thought process at the core of it was more difficult than I imagined. Part of this model requires understanding that their feelings comes from their thoughts, not the circumstance, and that was difficult for my very logical mind to comprehend at first. 

I was struggling! Learning all the steps of the model and applying them with a human being who was struggling felt really overwhelming at first. Honestly, completing the Life Coach program is one of the hardest things I have ever done. As far as grit goes, I’d rank this in the same category as the chemotherapy I had to endure for bladder cancer. I wanted to quit both, badly!

But, I am extraordinarily headstrong, and once I start something, I keep the promise to finish. So I stuck with it, learning and working through the next steps of the life coaching model. It took everything I had to fight through my coaching classes, peer-to-peer coaching, practicums, and exams.

Happily, I am thrilled to report that I did it. And I’m so glad I did! I’m now armed with the tools to truly help people overcome their roadblocks, which all begin in the brain. With my Life Coach School graduation, the journey begins. I can’t wait to see how many people we can help to optimize their health and maximize what they can do with their lives.


David Meine is a speaker, author, and ‘serial entrepreneur’ who has spent his career launching and running highly successful companies. He and his wife Carla recently founded the company Eating to Live™, LLC, which provides functional nutrition counseling, a robust e-learning program, meal plans, recipes, brain training, and nutritional supplements. They also authored the accompanying book, Eating to Live, and produce videos, podcasts, and speaking events to support others in their journey toward optimal health.

David also co-founded IdealShape, an internet company focused on health and nutrition, which reached 40 million in retail sales before being purchased by a multi-billion-dollar international e-commerce company.

He has always had a passion for product development and earned a degree in business. In 1979, while attending BYU David and three partners built the line of Sounds Easy® stores, which successfully grew to 110 stores in 28 states. He has written and co-authored four books and created a Brain Training CD series. In 2016, David was nominated by Ernst and Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year.

Over the past two decades, David has motivated thousands of people to get healthy. As a cancer survivor and someone who has fought and overcome multiple other health challenges, his mission to help others achieve their optimal health is extremely personal.

David and Carla are currently advisory board members, investors, and mentors for multiple companies and entrepreneurs. When he’s not working, you can find him fly fishing, traveling, playing competitive pickleball, or enjoying life with his 7 children and 18 grandchildren.

You may also contact David at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.


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