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Practice Management Tips That Will Make or Break You!

Practice Management Tips That Will Make or Break You!

Be Informed and On Time

Those who talk about the importance of time but are habitually late lose respect quickly. #future In our virtual world, everything counts; clear down to receiving a zoom reminder 60 minutes before a virtual event from the meeting host. (Remember depending on the settings of your zoom, some links are not reusable) Schedule the Emails to go out and make being your client easy and enjoyable.

The Value of Creating Trust In Your Safe Environment

Trust: comes when there are never excuses for starting late. If there is a late start to an event, everyone is notified so they can use their time wisely, not standing in a hallway with an armload of stuff and no explanation for coordination tardiness. (often, if Zoom is not pulling up, Zoom Chat will be on your phone,) Could you keep others in the Loop?

It's respectful of the attendees, or a simple, quick email to everyone works too! At live events, walk out and make an announcement.

Excuses unacceptable! Be 100% responsible for what does or does not happen at your event. Live or Virtual!

Start On Time and Do Not End Early

When you are charging for you an even, and you end early, you fail to deliver; if you are done before, this is an excellent time for a bonus Q&A session or perhaps added value bonus content. At the event last week, when the coordinator was asked if the audience could do questions, he said, one, I can't. I have a meeting in 20 minutes. So you start late, end early, and double book your crowd cheating them of time and content. BAD CHOICE!

Repeated Tardiness will be a Deal Breaker.

When all delay is blamed on something other than the coordinator, or maybe even created to slap another discount requirement on the hotel, yikes, now we have an integrity problem, glitches happen but at every event, how professionally we choose to handle them is important?

Who was doing the connecting, and what would you think if it happened at the second event in the same pattern?

The actor on the stage could be a better actor.

Start On Time, End On Time, and Deliver Content, Not Excuses!

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas for the second event of a series that I paid over $15,000 for, with a package and promise purchased. Each event in the series is scheduled from 8 am to 6 pm each day and are live event dates; the first event, on the first day, started 51 minutes late! On the second day 38 minutes late. Both days ended about 30 minutes and 45 minutes early, so I missed more than one hour paid for learning each day.

#business #coaching #education #integrity


When You Schedule Time with a Group, Give them The Time Paid for and Promised!

This week I returned to Las Vegas for the series' second event, Scheduled 8 am- 6 pm again. Again the event started with no over 100 people standing in a crowded hallway holding their belongings with no heads up and starting 41 minutes late! A Two Hour on Your lunch and Ending an hour early Each Day. If lunch had been a regular time of one hour with scheduled breaks of 15 minutes morning and afternoon, we could have had a potential of 6 hours more learning over the two days! Add that to my first event, and now you have wasted one day of my life! #respectotherpeoplestime.

Don't Let Your Transparency cover-ups prove you foolish.

Now let’s talk about Transparency. Riding on the coattails of the past will not provide a future! What's new different, and unique since you pulled us into your rooms last time? Canned information repeated differently every time allows your audience to wonder if you are a liar, tell it the same way, or don't tell it at all. #learning #events #event

Praise In Public Handle Situations Privately Even If You are Right Defamation of Another Person's Character is Unprofessional!

Praise in public and deal with negative behaviors in private no matter what happens. Do not announce to the entire group; everyone else participating may now feel unsafe in the event handlers' hands and not trust the safety of their values; feel free to ask questions and play full out in such an environment. #safety

Trust is lost that I will not be humiliated in what was believed to be a safe learning environment.

Maybe what happened was true or not. Perhaps because I had personally heard the statements at two separate events and experienced it twice, what could be said with a more respectable expectation vs. I just kicked someone out of here because🔴🔴🔴 with a horrible announcement and threatening expectations of doom? If you don't want something to happen at your event, set an expectation that it won't. Remember, it's not always what you say but how you say it and make others feel that matters.

Run your practice your way, but which would you rather have, repeat clients that know you, stay repeatedly and pay for your services, or constantly prospect for new clients because of these simply fixable issues?

Everyone has the right to run their business how they want to, but would you like to participate with someone who ran their business that way? It was not what I signed up for.

Not a great way to gain trust in your new paying group.

Talk and Walk Alignments are Critical.

I don't follow do as I say, not as I do people very long; in fact, what I have learned is everything in the world is content and experience to be reflected on and learned from.

Even though it is true that not every customer is right, when you become highly disrespectful and unprofessional in dealing with it, you are not right either.

Make Up Time for Students due to Delays.

Could you make time for bonus content for your crowd, set an expectation, and be willing to stay late to compensate for what was paid for? No excuses‼️ Sliding in late and out early damages your reputation and loses credibility and respect in general.

Actions based on the correct or incorrect opinions of this unsavory unprofessional announcement, diminishing the character of another to show your power will likely clear your rooms in your future events; the actions are only #power to the person making the announcement ‼️


For every 40 people who notice, one will mention it courageously. Thirty of the forty will likely not return ( free money to the unwilling coordinator with a high reputation cost), and the other ten will stay and try to get what they paid for. Some non-returners become damaging broadcasting agents and will tell the world by name when asked how they liked an event but will not mention it until asked but look out when they are asked.

If I noticed and picked up on all the inconsistencies, so did others ‼️

Allow every learning experience to become content🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

A complaint made but unacknowledged or resolved creates another whole can of worms for another day.


Echo Laymon Pelster, “When I had my first gastric bypass, I believed It would make me thin forever, afterward I weighed over 357 pounds, so I had another, lost 203 pounds, made the local paper, only to gain back more than 120 pounds, ashamed, isolated and hiding out I discovered principles to lose and keep the weight off.”

Echo is the Author of the book The Twisted Love of Food Addiction: Releasing Your Pounds of Pain, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Certified Canfield Method Transformational Trainer, and Coach, today she brings value with education and inspiration to corporate and medical organizations in support of their procedures and practices. Helping breakthrough weight-loss barriers, and self-imposed limitations and inspiring self-care, self-confidence, and health awareness in every culture.

With over 41 years in direct sales, including financial services since 2012 with Thrivent, Principal & New York Life.

Echo lives in the heart of the Sandhills of Nebraska with her husband LaVern of 25 years and their dog Cash. When she’s not on the road, she enjoys writing and walking the dog.

You may also contact Echo at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule her for speaking or leadership engagements.


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