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The 10 Surprisingly Best Christian Leadership Books For 2020

The 11 Surprisingly Best Christian Leadership Books For 2020
Wisdom. Intellect. Critical Thinking. Analysis. Evaluation. EQ.

These are the ingredients that create world leaders. But can these traits develop over time, or are these all innate abilities? The answer to this is;

Leaders are not born but made.

There is no such thing as a born leader, and one develops leadership qualities with time through life experiences. And do you know how?


All successful leaders are avid readers because books are a man’s best friend. They let you experience things that you have never been a part of, lets you imagine things that do not exist.

So, are you a Christian leader and want to grow? Here is a list of 10 best Christian Leadership Books for 2020 because great books will shape your mindset, which ultimately contributes to how you lead.

The Truth Mirage: An Introduction to Worldview for Biblical Christians

Written by the president of MarketFaith Ministries, Freddy Davis, this book is based on the concept of life’s truth. It is an easy-to-read literary piece that comprehends the understanding of truth in a world where everyone is making up their own beliefs. He beautifully highlights the fact that no matter what the world believes, truth still exists in its original form, and anything against it is untrue and nothing more than a mirage.

What Men Crave

A business professional and a veteran pastor, Bill Simpson, has taken a simple yet unique approach to discussing what men crave, that is not sex, money, or power. This book talks about a man’s RAH cravings; Respect, Admiration, and Honor. It serves as a biblical guide for women to understand the men in their lives, including their coworkers and husbands. The fact that the details are presented in a well-grounded and practical manner helps every person understand the concept of building relationships in a biblical light.

Leveraging your Leadership Style: Maximize Your Influence by Discovering the Leader Within

Leveraging Authored by the President of William Jessup University, Dr. John Jackson, this book is one of the greatest tools for leaders. He gracefully describes the four key leadership styles through a unique lens of different personalities. It is a captivating piece of literature that will help the readers extract their leadership potential that is often overshadowed by other personality traits. By the end of this book, the reader will be well aware of their leadership style, which will eliminate years of struggle.

Life Without Reservation

Another masterpiece for the Christian leaders has been created by Michael Stickler. The book serves as candlelight that guides one to the right path. It is a guide that takes the reader into a journey towards God and lets them experience a life that is guided by no external factors but by God only. It helps people have logical reasoning of why a God-inspired life will make their purpose more prominent and their actions more meaningful. This book holds power to move even the toughest of hearts.

Beauty Rising from Brokenness

Elizabeth Clamon will make the readers laugh, cry, and ponder open the realities of life with her words. The book takes a reader through a journey from childhood trauma turning into chronic illness and finally towards healing. It highlights the role of trusting in God in the process of healing. The book consists of nothing but honest words of wisdom and truth about how faith can help people heal in miraculous ways.

Leadership with a Servant’s Heart

Another book that had made it to this list is Kevin Wayne Johnson’s “Leadership with a Servant’s Heart.” It is a series of books that start with beginners and amateurs. The series is a complete journey by the end of which a leader will find its true destination. These books are all about gratitude and about how one builds relationships with others, serves them, inspires them, and ultimately leads them towards the greater good.

The Furnace of Leadership Development

The book by Rick Davis, a retired battalion chief from the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, has created an invaluable tool for silent leaders who are afraid to ask and live with the belief that they are not enough. In his book, he answers all potential questions leaders have in their minds. He talks about the most critical aspects of leadership, including integrity, trust, and creating action plans. It is the perfect way for an amateur to start their journey of becoming a successful leader.

Running on Faith: Timeless Principles of Winning Life’s Marathon

Running on FaithRick E. Meyer, a mentor for all aspiring leaders, published his books in an attempt to make the leadership journey simple. We all grow up with an understanding that life is a marathon; the author uses this as an advantage and shares examples of famous running coaches and mentors. It helps readers relate to them, building an understanding of the basic leadership under the biblical light.

The Way to Brave: Shaping a David Faith for Today’s Goliath World

The world is making it difficult for Christians to practice their faith without being judged. It is a time when the world requires Christian leaders, and Dr. Andy McQuitty has taken up this as an opportunity to motive young Christians to take up leadership roles in the modern world. The book equips the readers with tools and wisdom to fight secularism and relativism.

Warriors In Your Midst

Read Brad Reiches’s adventurous missionary journey in this short tale as he takes you through the mission field of the New Guinea jungle. A must-read for ever Wycliffe fan and missionary leader, Reiches notes 7 teaching points of Christian leadership intermixed by his decorating the Wycliffe team in accordance with their willingness to exemplify and follow Biblical standards of service as transparent, authentic leaders in furtherance of the great commission and the Wycliffe cause.

These books are the best books for Christian leaders in 2020, who are finding it difficult to survive in this modern world. These books will help you build the right skills ad understanding that will lead you towards your ultimate goal of leadership. Remember, readers, turn into great leaders.



Jerry M. Brewer  News Editor at Leadership books with years of journalistic experience in the international business community, holding an MBA from The University of Hull in Yorkshire, and undergraduate degrees in Biblical Studies from BIOLA University in California and Capernwray Bible School in Lancashire.







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