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Take the time to think.

This differentiates you from #AI

AI regurgitates what it has been taught in a variety of ways and methods. Yes, we need that for sure and there is certainly a place for it!

But, we have moved from the ‘information age’ to the ‘conceptual age.’

Thinking creates! That is our unique as a species.

That’s how the lightbulb, X-ray and every other life altering invention took place, through inspired thinking!

Never feel guilty taking the time to THINK about it.

When you think strategically you achieve big goals, quickly.

This enables sales and output and ultimately a healthy and consistent financial bottom line.

Simply being busy ‘doing’ things franticly, makes you look busy, but is one step away from ‘presenteeism’.

It’s all about the OUTCOMES,


  1. You could make 1000 phone calls and be on top of your emails and achieve very little, when looking for clients for example. Or
  2. You could think of your top 100 clients in alignment with your 5-year plan and think how you could add the best value to them and then approach them with intentionality.

The outcomes of option 2: Your close ratio will be higher; customer satisfaction will mean repeat business and referrals. Thus, increasing the financial bottom line on a consistent basis.”


Tanya Kunze is an author and top neuroscience coach who specialises in executive and company advancement, by developing leaders and teams within the business sphere. She is a highly sought-after global keynote speaker, educator, thought leader, and expert in the fields of consciousness, leadership and transformation.  

Tanya is due to keynote on the topic of the ‘Science Underpinning Sales’ in China, Toronto and Vegas, online, this year.

She is one of the most prominent international neuroscience-based coaches, known for her educational seminars, where she leans into the science and psychology underpinning, conscious, business development. Using her cognitive neuroscience background, she has coached thousands of corporate employees globally. 

You may also contact Tanya at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule her for speaking or leadership engagements.



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