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Where the Key Qualities of Leaders and the 6 Human Needs of Each Individual Come Together: Quiet the Drama in the Office & Gain Productivity

Where the Key Qualities of Leaders and the 6 Human Needs of Each Individual Come Together: Quiet the Drama in the Office & Gain Productivity

How much time do you spend caught up in the activities and concerns of others, that you really have no control over? What would your life be like if you didn’t get caught up with the drama around you? It would be amazing! Do you agree?

You are not alone. There are many people, unfortunately, out there struggling just like you: whether it’s trying to fix our children and the challenges in their lives; the things they are doing or not doing that we believe is best for them to do. Perhaps, as a manager or business owner, it’s trying to fix the challenges of coworkers or subordinates who are negatively reacting and not, in a timely fashion, carrying out their job responsibilities.

Every business has employees who are challenging to managers and challenging to teammates. Perhaps they’re quarrelsome and not getting along with others which directly impacts production. There’s a strong possibility you are telling them to fix the problem; yet often no one is helping them understand the core problem that needs fixing.  People can’t grow when they’re only working with symptoms and band aids.

Are we telling our employees to fix their issue, whatever that is, (not being able to connect and communicate with teammates; struggling to understand how to do a particular task in their job description, preparing and giving public presentations, etc.) or telling them to not to bring their issues from their personal life into the office place – leaving them to figure out what “it is” that needs fixing?

I assure you, most people cannot “figure it out” alone. Most people are caught in a stream of negative self-talk coming from negative thinking that stems from false beliefs that leave them stressed, overwhelmed, stuck and confused. They are stuck wondering “What’s the next step? How do I get out of this circumstance? How do I get along with that other person, when they just press my buttons constantly, or my boss doesn’t like me?”  Most people don’t know how to rise above their circumstances and challenges – and aren’t sure whom to talk to or where to begin.

While we don’t want to get caught up in the drama of other people’s lives; as an employer it’s compassion and integrity that fosters a growth environment where employees feel valued and safe, both physically and psychologically. As an employer, when we have the compassion to utilize situational leadership skills and employee coaching skills, we are able to embrace situations with our staff without buying into their drama; and in fact, we’re able to lead them to discover their own solutions.  This quiets the drama in the office and increases morale and productivity. That’s really important to know as an employer, supervisor, and manager: Knowing how to coach your staff when they have concerns and issues going on that are negatively impacting the team environment.  Having the capacity and ability to help others, in a holistic way, embrace what’s happening by coaching them to the point of root cause analysis – not counseling – not hand-holding – but providing them with the room to breathe and calmly think (rather than added pressure) increases morale and directly increases productivity. Behaviors are symptoms of our thoughts. Successful employers are able to coach their staff to the point where their staff can take responsibility to fix the core issue. It’s all about awareness.

When you have a team, organization, or company, you are responsible to pull the people together to get the job done.   Let me ask you: what degree of responsibility do you have to help people that are helping you in your company or organization evolve to the next level; to become proficient in higher performance with you and for you and your organization?

In order to be able to perform at a higher functioning level, individuals need to have six basic human needs met.  Successful organizations and companies understand these needs and intentionally develop a culture of growth where these needs are met.  These needs are listed in the table below. Notice that they are paired in sets of two

Six Human Needs – Required to Thrive
Connection or Love We need to emotionally connect with others. Significance A sense of purpose bigger than ourselves.


Surprise or Suspense from a place of trust

Certainty Trust in knowing we are safe, both physically & psychologically
Contribution: We are wired for the well-being of others Personal Growth We are designed to grow & evolve


Now you might be thinking, “are you kidding me? I’m not going to be a counselor to my employees, I’m not going to solve their problems. I’m paying them to get the job done!”

You are indeed paying them to get the job done. You are not expected to solve their problems, nor be their counselor.  You are, however, being asked to embrace them as human beings that are valuable and capable of growing. To see then as a person who needs to be seen holistically, not compartmentalized and objectified as if they are an emotionless being hired solely to get a job done. Robots are evolving for that function.

Empowering your staff with the tools to become their best selves lets them know you believe in them and that they are valued and yet accountable. Empowered staff have a sense of connection, certainty that you care, and grace to embrace their personal growth – which will increase their loyalty to you and your organization.  They will naturally, through the law of reciprocity, make a stronger contribution to the organization. This sense of contribution provides a sense of significance as well.

The key is personal growth, there’s no way around it.  Each person, each team, and each organization, family and community benefits exponentially when employers invest in the growth of their people!   As people grow, morale goes up, communication is enhanced, production goes up, sales go up, it’s a ripple effect.

We understand at a fundamental level that people need to be trained in the hard-skills (Excel, programming, accounting, proper machine operation, industry specific laws and regulations, office procedures) for their job function. What is even more critical and more powerful, though, is to invest in their personal growth: the character development, the interpersonal skills of getting along with others and connecting with clients/customers to increase service and sales. These personal skills are a sure way to ensure expanded productivity.  

Be compassionate; display integrity to do what’s right – even when you don’t have to; and be authentic – truly exhibiting care for your fellowmen. Care about the people who work for you. Care about them in a holistic way by demonstrating that you value them and honor what is happening in their life. 


Candace MaeCandace Mae spends her days steeped in connectedness with Christ's Spirit to allow her the Divine insight and guidance on personal and business growth. Whether she's working with her staff, or coaching women in leadership, executives, and business owners – or serving as a Marketplace Care Partner, her sole focus is on integrating love in the workplace to better herself and her clients.

She is developing people-centric, value-based, compassionate servant leadership that CARES. These are the tools she teaches: Communication, Attitude, Relationships, Equipping others, and Sales.

By helping leaders who struggle with a toxic environment - unengaged employees, high absenteeism, and turnover, constantly putting out fires, and internal conflicts – transform it into a warm and welcoming environment where high trust, morale, and productivity. As a result, people look forward to coming to work.

When Candace Mae isn't developing curriculum, coaching, and training, she's practicing speaking or spending time outdoors in nature with animals, family, and 3-beautiful grandchildren in a rural setting where she lives in North County San Diego, California.

I am most excited about my Upcoming Book: Heaven Within: Restoring Wholeness for Better Leadership.”

You may also contact Candace at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule her for speaking or leadership engagements.


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