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Why Is There Pain and Suffering?

Why Is There Pain and Suffering?

The world teaches the idea that suffering or any painful experience is unfair and must be avoided. We live in a quick-fix society that teaches that we do not have to do the hard work to lose weight, get fit, or get through difficult times; we merely have to take a pill for a fast fix to every problem. It is also part of a victim mentality—a refusal to take responsibility for one’s behavior or circumstances. When we accept that sometimes life is not fair and courageously respond to the challenge -- we grow stronger. The world says that pain is our enemy, an enemy that must be avoided. Our response to pain can either keep us oppressed or act as an opportunity for growth.

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About the Author

Norm Wielsch |

Norm Wielsch was a law enforcement officer for over 25 years. For sixteen of those years, he was an undercover narcotics agent. He experienced many critical incidents during his career. In 1998, he was diagnosed with PTSD and an incurable neuromuscular disease that caused loss of feeling, mobility, and strength in his hands and feet. After 30 surgeries he became addicted to opioids. Due to sinful and illegal responses to his PTSD, Norm landed in federal prison. It was there he answered God's call to minister to people suffering from trauma. While in prison, he obtained a Master of Theology, a Doctorate in Christian Counseling, and a Drug & Alcohol Counseling Certification. Norm counseled inmates, preached God's Word, and taught bible studies. Many inmates experienced God's healing power and were transformed through the biblical principles taught through Christ-Centered Healing. Author of the book Christ Centered Healing of Trauma and Christ-Centered Healing Study Guide.

Norm now serves as an expert in PTSD, the first responder culture, and speaks all around the world.

Hardcover Book - 469 Pages

You may also contact Norm at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.


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