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A Gift More Precious Than Gold: "The Precepts of Happiness”

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Professor Hamilton anxiously opened the briefcase. The letter which Arthur Kincaid mentioned was on top of the brown package wrapped with twine. Scott read:

“Dear Scott,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the fraternity of a select few who have been chosen over the centuries to carry on the legacy of Melchior. In his Memoirs you will read about his early travels visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You will discover what he describes as the Greatest Wonder of All. You will learn the Precepts of Happiness…  “

Can it be true? Did Scott really have the Memoirs of Melchior, one of the Christmas Magi in his hands? Did the “Wise Men"“ from the east visit the boy Jesus often during his coming of age and actually take him with them on caravans to the distant lands of India, China and more…

In the tradition of the works of Og Mandino, “A Gift More Precious Than Gold” is the first in the series of ancient manuscripts uncovered by archeologist Scott Hamilton in his search of the missing years of Jesus who was later known as the Messiah.


A.J. Lactaoen is the Founder and President of 911 Seminars / Safety Management Resources, a training company focused on working with schools and churches to improve emergency preparedness. SMR has trained thousands of teachers, administrators, students and parents in Bullying, Active Shooter protocol, Natural Disaster evacuation, The Bird Flu Pandemic and even a Nuclear Threat Response. His books include 911-The Red Book for Emergencies, Active Shooter Threat in Our Schools, and the series Who is the Biggest Bully of All?

You may also contact A.J. at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.