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God-Size Your Church

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God-Size Your Church: Maximizing Your Impact

It's about impact, not numbers This how-to for church growth outlines principles of growth for all sizes of congregations, while emphasizing that church growth is not about numbers, but about fulfilling God's vision for your church's impact on the world. What is church growth about if it isn't about numbers? It's about impact! Using his own experience as founding pastor of LifePoint Church in Minden, Nevada, pastor John Jackson helps pastors and lay leaders increase the impact of their congregations for their communities and the Kingdom of God. Jackson urges readers to dream God-sized dreams, offering practical advice for building community and transforming leadership. With varying suggestions for different sizes of churches, Jackson shows you don't have to be a mega church to have God-sized impact on your community.



Dr. John Jackson is the President of William Jessup University. He is married to Pamela and the father of 5 children. Previously John served in Pastoral and Non Profit Leadership roles; he has also served and led on for profit and non profit boards. John has written and spoken for audiences across the United States and has made 10 trips to Kenya. John is known for Visionary Leadership, Organizational Development and Strategic Management.