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Leveraging Your Communication Style

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Effective communication is not one-size fits all. Anyone who has ever tried to communicate with a person who doesn't speak the same language understands this talking louder doesn't help! With this valuable guidebook, authors John Jackson and Lorraine Boss-Smith help readers identify their communication style be it Assertive, Animated, Attentive, or Accurate and tailor that style to communicate ideas more effectively. Jackson and Boss-Smith help readers to identify others' communication styles as well, addressing such communication obstacles as:

  • Why does my project manager give me so much more detail than I need?
  • Why does my uncle take everything so personally?
  • Why does this person buy into my presentation when that one doesn't?

Jackson and Bosse-Smith demonstrate that knowing how to make the most of one's own unique communication style leads to better relationships with others and professional success.



John Jackson is the 6th President of William Jessup University located 20 miles outside of Sacramento. He has his PhD from the University of California.

The University has tripled in size in the past 6 years and now has a full suite of undergraduate, graduate, and online degree programs and is regionally and nationally ranked.

He is also an author and speaker about Leadership, Transformation, and Spiritual Growth.

John is married to Pam and they have 5 children, 3 son in loves, 3 grandchildren and a big dog named Max.

Lorraine Boss-Smith runs Concept One, Inc., a corporate consulting, coaching, and training company out of Southern California. A professional fitness instructor and personal trainer, she speaks across the country on health, wellness, time management, and other topics. She is the author of I Want My Life Back and co-author of Leveraging Your Leadership Style.


Leveraging Your Communication Style is an insightful and practical book for anyone hungry to improve how they communicate with others.

Craig Groeschel, senior pastor,

If you're interested in learning how to be a more effective communicator, Lorraine and John have captured some very important secrets. I commend this book to you.

Dr. Robert Wolgemuth, author of 7 Things You Better Have Nailed Down Before All Hell Breaks Loose