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The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible speak

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For mothers of faith who don't feel virtuous enough, people who feel burdened by their mistakes, and anyone who has ever failed, a powerful, reassuring book that examines how the women of the Bible coped with situations and problems similar to those experienced by women today, and offers much-needed insights to help us better understand the lessons these Biblical lives hold for our own.

Biblical stories featuring men have long been used as lessons for people of faith. Biblical stories about parents and children have longer center on fathers and sons. But the mothers and daughters of the Bible have stories that are just as powerful and insightful--such as Moses' mother, Jochebed, who takes enormous risks to protect her son from Pharaoh's genocidal plans. By contrast, Rebekah is a mother who dishonorably plans and schemes for her son Jacob's advancement. She plays favorites, practices deception, and will sacrifice anything for Jacob's future.

This book highlights the lessons we can draw from Jochebed, Rebekah, and other women of the Bible, examining the relationships of mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, and daughters and fathers. Very few of these mothers and daughters were paragons of virtue. They were human beings who faltered and struggled to do their best, yet sometimes failed. While some heard God's voice, others could not. Yet in their imperfection, these women are models for our own lives. Their stories show us that God speaks to us not only through our virtues, but through our mistakes as well.

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SHANNON BREAM is the author of Finding the Bright Side, the anchor of Fox News @ Night, and the Fox News channel's chief legal correspondent. She has covered landmark cases at the Supreme Court and heated political campaigns and policy battles from the White House to Capitol Hill.