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The Religious war of BLM and Antifa

The Religious war of BLM and Antifa

Ignorant Lies, Selfish Lies, and Dadgum Lies

There are some very disturbing things going on these days in society. These disturbing things don’t have a single source, but are popping up in various places. One source derives from politicians who have taken it upon themselves to offer encouragement and support to people who are bent on destroying civil society. They do this by implementing rules and regulations that suppress the spiritual activity of religious people, tying the hands of law enforcement so that rioters and looters cannot be stopped, and by creating an overall environment that allows hateful people to burn Bibles and churches, attack police and government structures, and destroy businesses.

But the politicians are not alone in causing the chaos. There are groups of Marxists and Anarchists that they are supporting and protecting who are actually doing the dirty work in the streets day after day. These political activists are using the facade of racial injustice as an excuse to destroy the institutions of civil society (including churches).While most of these folks would NEVER outwardly say they were anti-Christian, their words and actions betray their lies.

As you have read my complaint, you may think I am harping on a political agenda. Well, profound principles will always have a political application, and this one certainly does, as well. But my objection is not a political grievance. It is a moral one based on biblical teachings. My objection is expressed in the lies lurking behind the malicious actions of these politicians and political activists.

As I am defining it here, these lies come in three different varieties:

  • Ignorant Lies are those told by people who simply don’t know any better. There actually are misguided but good hearted people who buy into the collectivist beliefs underlying the attempted suppression of Christians and Christian values. These folks have the mistaken belief that the redistribution of wealth by the government, and showing favor to the “down and out” by disadvantaging those they deem to be advantaged, is the proper way to create a just and equitable society.
  • Selfish Lies are those told by people who do not mind using unethical means to advance their own personal agenda. There are, for instance, politicians who see advocating Marxist beliefs to be a means of advancing in their political careers and attaining more power.
  • Finally there are the Dadgum Lies. These are the lies told by people who have malicious intent, and intentionally use their prevarications to create havoc. Both politicians who are intentionally working to suppress Christians and Christian values, and independent political activists who are looting and rioting as a means of breaking down the fabric of civil society, fall into this category. The truth is, these people are actually religious zealots who are diligently and intentionally attempting to destroy the very foundation of the values that stand in the way of their beliefs taking over.

While I don’t like it, I can ignore or debate those who tell Ignorant Lies. And for those politicians who tell Selfish Lies, we can work to expose them and vote them out of office. But those who tell Dadgum Lies have to be dealt with differently. They have to be confronted and defeated. But just what are their lies? What is it that needs to be confronted and defeated?

This is where most people have a difficult time sorting things out. The difficulty lies in the fact that the lies themselves are not the real problem – they are only a symptom. The real problem is that very issues that are being promoted are, themselves, lies.

One major category of lies that is fueling the current news cycle has to do with race. There certainly are race matters that need to be addressed in society, and justice and fairness require that this be done. But it is not the fact that a race problem exists that is currently at issue. The real issue has to do with the means for dealing with the race problem. The truth is, there are malicious politicians and political activists who are working overtime to advance policies that they claim are related to race, but which are, in fact, not. They are using this ruse for the very purpose of obscuring their real objectives. So just how does this work?

The Race Relations Gambit

The race relations gambit, as it is violently playing out on the nightly news, is mostly a smokescreen. When George Floyd was killed by a police officer, protests broke out all over America based on the feeling that black Americans have not, over the years, been treated fairly by the police and the justice system. Now certainly, people who have a grievance have a right to peacefully protest in America when they believe they are being treated unfairly – and no one has a problem with that.

But the peaceful protests have been hijacked by people who have an entirely different agenda. Malicious people have infiltrated the peaceful protests and turned them into rioting and looting opportunities. The pretense of these rioters is that “black lives matter.” But that pretense is a dadgum lie. The real agenda of these people is to generate a Marxist takeover of America. To further their agenda, they are attempting to defund police departments, insert Marxist politicians into the halls of government, destroy all ideological opposition (including Christian values), and implement a Socialist/Communist government.

So, Who Are These Marxists?

There are many Marxists groups in America, and they can be found in a whole variety of left wing organizations that are associated with such causes as environmentalism, organized labor, education, politics, and numerous others. The groups that are showing themselves to be prominent in today’s environment are associated with racial causes. There are two groups in particular that have latched onto this movement – Black Lives Matter, Inc. and Antifa.

The truth is though, neither of these groups are actually interested in solving the race problem. They have an entirely different agenda. Their goal is to transform America’s entire political and economic structure from a capitalist, free market system, to a Socialist/Communist command economy.

Black Lives Matter

The slogan “Black Lives Matter” has become a rallying cry among many who see problems in the way police interact with the Black community. This rallying cry was originated by a group called Black Lives Matter, Inc., but its use has spread beyond the Black Lives Matter organization and has come to be used more generally to protest against the unwarranted use of force by police on the black race.

But at this point, it is important to make a distinction between the Black Lives Matter organization and the slogan. The organization is a radical leftist organization whose stated mission is to "eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes." While their goals are stated purely in terms of race, according to their website, their real agenda is to promote left wing political causes including such issues as sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, immigration status, and location. For their part, they consider the slogan "Black Lives Matter" to have a different meaning from what is meant by the protesters mentioned above. For the people associated with Black Lives Matter, Inc., the slogan is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation. The “striving for liberation,” though, has a very specific meaning. According to their website, it means liberation from the Capitalist society that is the foundation for American culture.

Beyond the political agenda, however, the Black Lives Matter slogan is a lie. Those who use this slogan don’t really care about ALL black lives – only certain ones. They only care about the ones that can be used in service to the Black Lives Matter Marxist cause. They don’t care about aborted black lives. They don’t care about the black lives killed by the hundreds in inner cities. They don’t care about the black lives they consider to be political opponents, and they certainly don’t care about black police lives. Their concern is first and foremost the promotion of Marxism in society.


Antifa is another group that has latched onto the violent anti-police protests in order to promote dadgum lies. The name Antifa is actually a contraction of the name Anti Fascist. And the use of this name is actually rather ironic – as they are, themselves, the very definition of fascistic. Their goal is to destroy civil society and replace it with something else, and they actually believe that it is right and proper to use violence and destruction to promote their cause. The tactic they use is to walk with legitimate protesters during the day, then break off and cause violent riots at night.

Interestingly, Antifa members are mostly white. Organizationally they are an extremely decentralized group that has allegiances in many areas. The common theme uniting them is that they are all extreme left-wing militants who believe that using violence to promote their cause is legitimate. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow civil society as it currently exists in order to create a Socialist or Communist government, or some form of anarchist system. As is the case with Black Lives Matter, Inc., they are simply using the opportunity fostered by racial strife to promote their radical agenda.

Politicians Who Believe in Marxism

As was mentioned before, the ones who have created the environment, in certain places, where Black Lives Matter and Antifa are able to engage in their violent behavior, are various radical, left wing politicians. These are people who have used their positions to allow violent behavior by preventing policing authorities from intervening. The various government officials who are advocating these kinds of policies can be found at every level of government – including U.S. Senate and House members, state governors, big city mayors, certain state and local prosecutors, government bureaucrats, and even judges.

The Use of Marxist Tactics

In a nutshell, those who are looking to overthrow America’s democratic republic and replace it with a Marxist system use a two step approach to achieve their goal:

1. Create Chaos

We see the attempt to create chaos playing out right before our eyes. These radicals use such tactics as:

  1. A) Rioting
  • Breaking into and looting stores
  • Setting buildings on fire and destroying local businesses
  • Burning and vandalizing churches
  • Burning Bibles in the street
  • Attacking authorities
  • Creating autonomous zones
  1. B) Cancel Culture
  • Firing people from their jobs who don’t agree with the radical agenda
  • Social media shaming
  • Boycotts of companies and entertainers who don’t agree with the radical agenda
  1. C) Disruptive Union Demands (many that don’t even relate to their own industry)
  • Rents and mortgages canceled in the community
  • A “massive infusion of federal money” to the “down and out” through wealth redistribution
  • Moratoriums on new charter schools, voucher programs, and standardized tests
  • “Police-free schools”
  • The passage of “Medicare for All”
  • A state wealth tax,
  • Implementation of the “Green New Deal”
  • A federal bailout of local school districts
  • Defunding of local police
  1. D) Distorting history
  • Tearing down statues
  • Destroying art and books
  • Lying and misreporting in the media
  • Rewriting history books
  1. E) Kneeling for the National Anthem by professional athletes and others
  1. Insert Marxists into Political Leadership

Political leaders that already hold elected office who are sympathetic to the Marxist cause have already been mentioned. But it also needs to be recognized that there are well funded intentional efforts to dramatically expand that number.

The Naturalistic Underpinning

While it may appear that what is going on in contemporary American society is a political effort, at its core it is something else. It does have, of course, a political expression, and most of the things mentioned above reflect those political efforts. But in its essence, what we see playing out is a religious war. The Marxist/Anarchist philosophy, before it is a political movement, is a religious one – in fact, it is an expression of Naturalism. As such, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc. are, essentially, naturalistic religious systems.

Naturalism is the belief that the only thing that exists is the natural universe. That being the case, they believe there is no God, thus, no such thing as objective moral truth. Truth, to Naturalists, is what they deem to be truth. It is a purely subjective concept that is derived from the personal desires and preferences of those who have the ability to acquire power over society.

As it relates to the nature of man, Naturalism holds the belief that human beings are nothing more than naturally evolved animal creatures whose ultimate goal is to: 1) survive, and 2) find personal fulfillment.

The survival element puts a priority on the collective. It does not have any interest in particular individuals. Individuals exist for the collective, not the other way around. Additionally, in Naturalism, the “survival of the species” is the ultimate arbiter of morality. It is considered immoral to do anything that would endanger human survival, and that of other life forms. This collectivist philosophy, then, is applied in a way that makes it necessary for there to be a governing authority that ensures human survival. Marxism is one such collectivist system. In that system, it is the government’s responsibility to accumulate and redistribute society’s wealth in a way that makes sure all of humanity is equally provided for – based strictly on the beliefs and preferences of those who hold the reigns of power.

The personal fulfillment element is always subservient to the collective, but is only limited by the rules of survival. As they believe there is no such thing as objective morality, it is deemed permissible for people (the human animal) to do anything they want that does not jeopardize the survival of the collective (again as defined by those in power).

What we end up with are concepts of truth, justice, and equality that are defined by naturalistic presuppositions.

1) Truth is understood to be relative, so is defined by what those in power deem it to be based on their beliefs about what ensures the survival of the species.

2) Since there is no such thing as objective morality, justice is also seen as a relative concept. Those in power decide what is just and what is unjust, and make law based on their personal opinions and preferences. The result is the concept of “Social Justice” where privileged groups are prioritized over other groups.

3) Equality is understood in terms of outcome, not opportunity. Thus, the ideal is seen as a society where everyone receives the same outcome – regardless of what they do in life. Again, Marxism provides a convenient vehicle to accomplish this end by redistributing wealth to equalize all people.

The Christian Point of View

The truth is, Naturalism does not reflect reality. This is true in its evaluation of every part of reality. It is wrong about God, wrong about man, and wrong about the ultimate one can achieve in this life. By extension, it is also wrong in its evaluation of truth, justice, and equality.

When it comes to the topic of race, or any other surface level distinctions, the Bible teaches*:

  • All human beings are God’s special creation
  • All of humanity was created in God’s own image
  • All human beings ultimately descended from the original human beings God created
  • God does not evaluate people based on ethnicity, social status, or gender
  • God shows no partiality based on nationality
  • God does not value people based on ethnicity or observance of religious rituals
  • God does not judge human beings based on people’s works
  • Christ gave his life for the salvation of ALL mankind, regardless of background
  • God’s only criteria for his ultimate judgment relates to whether or not they come to Christ

*Galatians 3:28, Acts 10:34-35, Acts 17:26, Malachi 2:10, Colossians 3:11, Genesis 1:27, Revelation 5:9-10, Deuteronomy 10:17, Romans 10:12-13, Acts 10:28

In its essence, God’s point of view is that he sees no distinction between human beings based on any kind of earthly differences – including race. He created mankind in his image, and all human beings must come to him based on the exact same criteria. A biblical point of view would use this value system to build societal institutions that result in a color-blind society.

Naturalism is a Dadgum Lie

Many of those who advocate for the “Black Lives Matter” agenda get truly upset when someone responds with “All Lives Matter.” Their disagreement lies in their belief that the “All Lives Matter” slogan is a dismissal of their complaint against unwarranted use of force by government authorities. The problem is, by dismissing the “All Lives Matter” slogan, they are making a statement that literally contradicts the message of the Bible. It is absolutely true that Black Lives Matter – but they matter as an expression of All Lives Matter, not as a special class of human lives that somehow matter more than other lives.

The biblical notion of truth, justice, and equality is as follows:

  • Truth is what represents actual reality and exposes the lies of every untruth.
  • Justice applies to every human being equally without regard to any other qualification. It is represented in civil society by the idea of equal justice under the law, not by any qualifying term such as “social” justice.
  • Equality represents the principle that all people are equally valuable. It speaks first and foremost to the value of individuals, as opposed to the collective, and is based on the notion of equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

Naturalism does not have any basis for claiming anything as truth. As such, it has no objective basis for establishing law beyond the personal preferences of those who hold power. Its basis for determining the value of human life lies purely in the fact that human beings exist as natural animals that seek survival of the species. It is a collectivist notion that does not place ultimate value on the individual.

Naturalism does not believe in the existence of God – who, by the way, does exist as an objectively real person who can be known in a personal relationship. It is wrong about God.

Naturalism believes that man is nothing more than a naturally evolved animal species, and is not an eternal spiritual person. It is wrong about man.

Naturalism believes that the ultimate a person can achieve in this life is to perpetuate the species and attain as much personal pleasure as possible before death – as there is no afterlife. It is wrong about the nature of salvation.

People who promote a naturalistic worldview are promoting dadgum lies. Those lies ultimately cause the destruction both of the individual and of society. Lies always do.

These days, the politically correct approach to judging people is to base the judgment on race. But that is completely contrary to the way God evaluates people, and Christians ought to see people the way God sees them. God has given us a clear path about how we ought to treat people, no matter their circumstances or station in life. We have a choice about how we will treat people, and until we get on the same page with God, we can do no more than buy into the lies – and we will simply be wrong.

Freddy Davis is the president of MarketFaith Ministries. He is the author of numerous books and has a background as an international missionary, pastor, radio host, worldview trainer, and entrepreneur. Freddy is a graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Communication, and holds MDiv and DMin degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a popular speaker, particularly on the topic of worldview and its practical implications for the Christian life. He lives in Tallahassee, FL, with his wife Deborah. 

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