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American Conspiracies

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This hardcover edition of American Conspiracies is autographed by Jesse Ventura

In this explosive account of wrongful acts and ensuing cover-ups, Jesse Ventura offers a different side to the stories we've all heard and read about in the history books. He takes a look at the wide gap between what the government knows and what is revealed to the American people. The media is complicit in these acts of deception, often refusing to consider alternate possibilities and dismissing voices that diverge from public opinion. He will look closely at the theories that have been presented over the years and examine the truth as well as the lies. Ventura does not shy away from the tough questions. As he states, When I get denied something, I do the opposite of getting intimidatedI get angry.

Now with new conspiracies added including information on the CIA torture scandal and the financial meltdown of 2008, you will see how the United States government continues to abuse our civil liberties and why we need to continue to stand up for what we know is right.

You may not believe everything in American Conspiracies, but it is guaranteed to make you think harder about everything you do believe.

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New York Times bestselling author, Jesse Ventura is back with more conspiracies that our government wished you didn't know about! Limited quantities available order your Jesse Ventura autographed book today!

About the Author:

Governor Jesse Ventura served as the 38th governor of Minnesota from January 4, 1999, to January 6, 2003, but he is more than a politician. In fact, he doesn't like being referred to as a politician at all. Before entering the world of politics, he served his country as part of a U.S. Navy UDT team (the forerunner of the SEALs), won fame as a professional wrestler, worked as a bodyguard for big-name rock and roll acts like the Rolling Stones, and had roles in major motion pictures, including "The Running Man" and "Predator.".


I like the way this guy writes. Jesse Ventura lays the evidence out and has the critical thinking skills to come up with logical answers. I find him right on the money every time. Good research and excellent analysis leads to likely scenarios by Jesse. He writes like he is talking to you and you can hear his voice saying the words. He does not use fancy language or try to impress anyone with a lot of hyperbole -- straight and to the point. I like the way he titles his conclusions, "My Take," and follows with direct statements.
Jesse goes through each so-called "conspiracy" and illuminates the real facts. In every case there is sound evidence to show that there are powerful forces working against the American people. Excellent read.
Robert Kirkconnell

I admit it; I am a card-carrying conspiracist. I have encountered in various books over at least the last two decades virtually all of the material that Ventura examines in this book and all that he has written makes perfect sense to me. I admit again though, not hearing about the Manchurian Candidate theory about the assassination of Robert Kennedy and that other hugely weird event at Jonestown. The idea that joins all of these events is the simple idea that they seem so reasonable to me; that must be why I believe in conspiracies to begin with because all of these assassinations fall into the basket of ideas that say, "These so called conspiracies are simply what would happen given the amount of money floating around and given rich, powerful people who accept the premise that the end justifies the means". Once you have a believable reason for somebody doing something then it easily follows that people will act on their belief. I think Ventura does just that admirably in his dissection of the various acts in this book. Chapter 13, The Wall Street Conspiracy, is (for a non-intellectual like myself) numbingly complicated but again perfectly sensible given the extreme amounts of money involved and the strength of the American Dream whereby anybody can be more well-off than they've ever dreamed (another conspiracy-convince the population that they can strive to have it all).
Tim Johnson