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Becoming a Contagious Christian Leaders Guide: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You

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Releasing the hidden evangelist in every Christian Picture all of your church members as evangelists who: Demonstrate a contagious Christian character Build spiritually strategic relationships Direct conversations toward matters of faith Communicate their faith in a style that's personal and natural Explain biblical truths in a style that's personal and natural Explain biblical truths in everyday language Respond to the most common objections to Christianity. Becoming a Contagious Christian is a proven course designed to equip believers for effective evangelism in today's world. It avoids stereotyped approaches that feel intimidating to many Christians. Instead, it shows ordinary believers how they can share the gospel in a natural and powerful way while being the person God made them to be. Each session's exercises, discussions, self-assessments, and video vignettes give step-by-step guidance to help participants become effective communicators for Christ to those around them. Used with nearly 1,000,000 people Becoming a Contagious Christian is an innovative and unparalleled program for training Christians in relational evangelism.


Mark Mittelberg is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and a leading strategist in evangelism and apologetics-oriented outreach. He is the primary author (with Lee Strobel and Bill Hybels) of the updated Becoming a Contagious Christian Training Course, through which more than a million people have learned to effectively and naturally communicate their faith to others.

Mark's newest book, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask, is based on a survey of 1000 Christians commissioned through the Barna organization, and deals with the ten issues that believers most want to avoidbut must not! Prior to that Mark collaborated with Lee Strobel to develop The Unexpected Adventure, a six-week devotional designed to inspire Christians and churches to enter into the excitement of sharing Christ. His previous book, Choosing Your Faith ... In a World of Spiritual Options, strengthens the faith of believers and is a great resource to give to friends who are figuring out what to believe and he's developed a DVD study course for Christians based on that book, Faith Path: Helping Friends Find Their Way to Christ. Mark also wrote the articles for the Choosing Your Faith New Testament. His other books include the updated Becoming a Contagious Church, which sets forth an innovative blueprint for mobilizing churches for evangelism, and the classic best-seller Becoming a Contagious Christian, which he co-authored with Hybels. In addition, Mark was contributing editor for The Journey: A Bible for the Spiritually Curious, and a contributor to Reasons for Faith: Making a Case for the Christian Faith, edited by Norman Geisler and Chad Meister, and God Is Great, God Is Good: Why Believing in God Is Reasonable & Responsible, edited by William Lane Craig and Chad Meister which won the 2010 Christianity Today award for best book in the area of apologetics and evangelism.


Probably as easy and helpful an evangelism course as I have found. YES, it's now really getting old, but nothing new seems to have stepped up to this level of effectiveness. I have not used the new "Making Your Case for Christ" material from Lee Stroebel, but maybe. - A Ritchie

God's word is always true. Excellent reading. - John J Daloise