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Book Summary of Leading Well from Within

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As a busy leader, I realize your time is very valuable. I wrote Leading Well from Within to help you make the most of your time, showing you how to first reduce your reactivity when it does more harm than good, and then leveraging your stress energy into high-performing states of creativity, so you can become a Conscious Leader to more fully live your most meaningful life.

I also realize the investment required to tackle a 300-plus-page book can be daunting! So I've created this book summary of Leading Well from Within to help you absorb its key concepts and action steps in one sitting.

My hope is that you will use this summary to experience some actionable "aha" moments to show you how valuable a Conscious Leadership mindset can be.

But even more, I hope it will inspire you to immerse yourself in the book, using this summary as a companion, to master the shift from reactivity to creativity in any circumstance. This skill alone will put you in the top echelon of high-performance leaders, allowing you to shift from success to significance as you transform yourself, your business, your family, your community, and even the world!


Dr. Friedland wrote one of the first textbooks on Evidence-Based Medicine, which is the way healthcare providers are now trained to make science-based decisions. He is also the author of The Big Decision, which he wrote with his then 14-year-old son Zach, to inspire and empower better life decisions at home and at work.

An in-demand international expert in applying the framework of Evidence-Based Medicine to enhance decision-making, leadership, and resiliency, Dr. Friedland has worked with Fortune 500 companies; healthcare systems and medical groups; the US Army, Navy, and Air Force; Vistage; Young Presidents' Organization (YPO); Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO); The Global Wellness Summit; Conscious Capitalism; and leaders in the Texas and Australian governmentshaving delivered over 1500 programs and reaching more than 75,000 healthcare and business professionals around the world.


Attended a conference where author was main speaker -- genuine, great person -- purchased his book as homage to invaluable information and experience shared with him. Recommended buy. - Nicholas C.

Every high-performance executive, entrepreneur, and healthcare professional struggles with burnout-. Learn how to turn your stress into a positive and catalyze for growth! The book, Leading Well From Within outlines a great road map to overcome these obstacles. - Nancy Reid

Well, I actually read and love the 300 page version of this book with all the references to studies and fleshed out points. Now I'm happy to own the Book Summary for Leading Well From Within. It covers the step by step process to implementing Dr. Friedland's framework for high performance leadership and can be read in one sitting. - Gina Parris