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Climb Every Mountain

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If God had intended our days on earth to be easy, they would be.

Instead, Jesus promised us quite the opposite. He said, In this world, you will have trouble. He was right. We will have heartache. We will have sickness. We will have job loss, lost love, grief, and frustration. We will have times when all seems lost. Fortunately, that's not the whole story. But take heart! Jesus says. I have overcome the world.

In Climb Every Mountain, Trudy Cathy White invites you to join her on an expedition toward, up, and over the mountains most of us face in lifechallenges such as figuring out our identity in Christ, understanding the gifts and calling God's given us, godly parenting, and leaving (and living) a legacy for others to follow. She'll also guide you through the rocky terrain of adversity, aging, and grief.

With funny, heartwarming, and often-heartbreaking honesty, Trudy will reveal the principles God's taught her through a lifetime of climbing the most challengingand beautifulmountains she ever imagined.

God's called us to join Him on the mountaintop of victory but getting there won't be easy. We can't wish, hope, or even pray our way to the top. We have to climb.

Climb Every Mountain is the inspiring true story of Trudy Cathy White as she shares her life of climbing her mountainsliteral and spiritual. As the daughter of S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, Trudy learned how to climb mountains from her parents' examples. Trudy learned that, as we climb every mountain with the Lord, we move closer and closer to who He wants us to be and where He wants us to be. No matter how difficult the climb or how sweet the rewards seem today, the most glorious life we could ever imagine is still to comejust over the next peak.Get your Tracy Morgan autographed book today!


Trudy Cathy White is a native Georgian and the only daughter of Jeannette and S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, Inc. An ambassador for the family business, Trudy has held various roles within Chick-fil-A including that of restaurant operator at just 19 years old.

Trudy and her husband, John, served as missionaries in Brazil and co-founded Lifeshape and Impact 360 Institute. A developer and encourager at heart, White served as the Director of WinShape Camps for Girls from 2003-2017. She is a speaker, author, dedicated wife, mother of four, and grandmother of fifteen. Every day she is fueled by her passion to be intentional with her influence.

In everything Trudy does, she is led by her commitment to obey God's leadership, nurture family relationships, and promote godly character in the next generation.

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Infrequently we read books that read us; books that dig into our spiritual depths and irrigate our hearts. More infrequently, we encounter authors whose words drill new phrases into our minds, crafting sentences of spiritual insight that cause us to pick up our own pens and inscribe them ourselves, as if to etch them in our own hearts. Of such import is my first reading of Climb Every Mountain. A few of the words I've written in the margins are these:
Pain always seems harder to bear when we try to bear it alone. We can overcome together what we could never overcome alone. You can keep your living legends, I'd rather be a living legacy. I see mountains as symbols of God's unchanging, resolute presence. He sits like a mighty mountain unmoving and unaffected by the storms of life.
-Dr. Greg Brown

I'm reading Climb Every Mountain for a second time. It's such an easy read but packed with so much. I keep a highlighter with me to highlight phrases of wisdom I want to reflect back on along the way. Thank you for writing Climb Every Mountain.
-TD Smucker