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Clothed With Christ

SKU: 9781735181448
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Spiritual transformation is a powerful process, refining and renewing a Christ-follower from the inside out. Clothing yourself in Christ is a practice of priority, dressing each day in His character and calling to righteousness.

Using the Bible's rich metaphorical language and imagery of clothing and attire, Clothed with Christ takes readers on a journey of personal reflection, guiding them to take intentional steps toward spiritual transformation. William S. Bentley expertly weaves Christian principles with Biblical truth in this encouraging and motivational read.

This book answers the questions:

How do I grow in Christ?
How do I grow more faithful in my walk with Christ?
How do I strengthen my witness in the Lord?
In casting off the culture around us, how do we become more like Christ?

Clothed with Christ is the perfect guide for spiritual growth no matter what stage you are in your faith. Thought-provoking and stimulating, this book will challenge, motivate, and propel you to transformation in Christ.


William S. Bentley is a father and husband, has served in various capacities as a church lay leader, and has worked professionally as a school psychologist for nearly 40 years. He has written and published articles in the past for various Christian magazines on parenting and family issues. His blog, Grace Notes, reflects on various topics pertaining to faith, books, writing, and human interest.

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