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Deciding Well

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Tough leadership decisions come in many different shapes and sizes--strategic direction, resourcing, priorities, communications, the management of staff. Christian faith does not protect us from hard decisions or allow us just to dump them on God. To the contrary, God gave us brains to reason with, emotions to help us understand, and an awareness of the needs of individuals. Leadership coach Peter Shaw addresses these issues and more in Deciding Well: A Christian Perspective on Making Decisions as a Leader. Shaw draws inspiration and practical lessons from Jesus' approach to making decisions. He considers wider evidence about what makes a good decision maker, and then considers what is distinctive about Christian discernment. This book will help leaders reflect on their own approaches to decision-making, and to develop a framework that is rooted in both biblical truth and practical reality. PETER SHAW CB is an Executive Coach and a former Director General in the UK Government. He is also a visiting professor at the Newcastle University Business School. He has written a number of influential leadership books including Mirroring Jesus as Leader, The 4Vs of Leadership, Finding Your Future, Conversation Matters, Business Coaching (with Robin Linnecar) and Making Difficult Decisions.


Peter Shaw