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Generous Living - Online Course

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Join Mike and Tom for a six part webinar series were you'll learn to go deeper in the six areas of a Generous Life. This is your chance to meet Mike and Tom face to face, well on your computer screen in the comfort of your own home or office. Learn first hand from this two passionate practitioners as they virtually disciple you in a generous life.

Session One: Managing Resources Before They Manage You

In a fun - but meaningful way, in this session we look at our culture and how it influences us. We examine the marketplace of sales, scarcity and ownership. We discuss the required surrender of time, talent, treasure, ideas and relationships to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Session Two: Changing Your View

In this session, we ask for radically new thinking about our worldview and repentance of the dominant current culture. We examine what generous thinking looks like, that which leads to action. What does "Well done, good and faithful servant" look like in today's terms? How do you act, respond, and achieve a generous life? This is where we drive home generosity is not about money.

Session Three: Where Are You Going?

The requirement for this session is a personal life vision, as the Holy Spirit would form it. Vision is defined as a destination. Then we'll learn how to form a vision, test a vision and live that vision daily. Finally, how do overlapping visions intertwine into your own personal vision?

Session Four: Crewing Your Boat

In Session Two we used a trip to Hawaii as a metaphor in defining vision. For this session, we discuss building the crew for that trip, including roles, responsibilities and priorities. Crew member strengths and weaknesses are assessed. Finally, you learn to model generosity as a servant leader.

Session Five: Harnessing the Wind

The marketplace can be a powerful driving force: dangerous, beautiful and unseen. Over the next hour, see how to best interact with and provide leadership to the marketplace. Transform the typically view of our marketplace culture into a mission field, finding ways to harness this culture toward the vision God has placed in our hearts. Here is where we speak to your marketplace leaders directly, as we all listen in and learn their hearts.

Session Six: Party with a Purpose!

As adults, we might have forgotten how to celebrate. Just let go and be really, really thankful. Give honor where honor is due, all the while lifting up those around us in prayer and in action. This is the linchpin to generosity. As generosity is modeled, celebrated, and honored, it becomes contagious to your community. We'll give you practical and fun ideas of celebrating a life generously lived.

What's Included:

  • 6 - two hour Lessons available to fit your tight schedule. Delivered over the next 6 months.
  • All Course Material
  • One year subscription to Generous Living Magazine
  • "A Journey to Generosity" eBook.



Mike Stickler is an author, consultant, philanthropist, pastor and founder of the worldwide organizations Generous Life and The Vision Group Ltd.

These two organizations offer Christian ministries and non-profits a Christian perspective while coaching leaders through some of their most challenging successes. Mike is the author of over forty books and training videos and has made a difference through thousands of ministries as they serve the world.

Mike's life experiences serve as the foundation for his passion to help those who need the love and relationship of Jesus Christ. Over the years he has served as Executive Director of a rescue center for homeless men, women, and children, handled oversight of a men's discipleship house, consulted with hundreds of ministries around the world, contracted as Festival Director for the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, as well as served as a Senior and Senior Associate Pastor for nearly 13 years.

Stickler is known as a city reacher and is active in building partnerships with Christian initiatives within communities across the nation. Recognizing that Christian organizations must aggressively compete for the resources necessary to fulfill their calling, Mike now focuses his expertise on furthering the good work of God's people through Generosity Initiatives and strategic planning for Christian ministries.

Mike attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and has completed course work in Theology and Bible Studies at Multnomah Bible College. Among his most meaningful life accomplishments are a 33+-year marriage to his wife, Kim, and the pride he takes in their two grown sons, one daughter-in-law, one grandson & one granddaughter.


Tom Clegg is the Director of Ministry Advancement with GenerousLife.Net. He is an innovative coach,

focused on leaders who are yearning to be more fruitful in ministry. Tom strives to initiate reproducible strategies for the rapid development for church planting and revitalization movements around the world with the sole purpose of making Jesus Christ a living option in the marketplace of ideas. Tom is an internationally recognized breakthrough leader for missional transformation specializing in empowering leaders and their organizations to navigate complex personal and corporate change. He is a highly gifted and sought after conference speaker, consultant and internationally recognized authority in the fields of evangelism, church planting, leadership development, and missions. He is the author of Missing In America, Lost in America, Releasing Your Church's Potential, the Seven Habits of a Visitor Friendly Church, Mission America and the highly anticipated new book, Missional Requiem, due out early next year. Having helped plant and grow many new churches in the past thirty years as a senior pastor, church planter, missionary and denominational leader through training, coaching, assessing and resourcing church planters, his broad experience enables him to provide strategic planning, coaching, team-building, and management consulting for healthy ministry multiplication.

Tom makes his home in Des Moines, Iowa, with his wife Jodi and their two dogs. When he isn't on the road you'll probably find him at any local pub, coffee shop, or bookstore having good conversation with people he cares about.