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Hidden Treasures: Wrestling with Significance, Faith, and Suffering While Serving in the Developing World

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Have you ever felt deeply unsatisfied with life and begun an ardent quest for answers?

Have you lost a loved one, endured years of chronic illness, or stared death in the face?

Have you ever been moved to compassion or longed to make a difference in the world?

Jennifer Zilly Canales boldly tells the stories of her and her husband Darwin's life's work in rural Honduras and the many challenges faced from feelings of significance to struggles of faith. Armed with a call to parent the parentless and a burning desire to see broken lives healed, together they have embarked on an uncommon journey that has taught them countless lessons about life, faith, and loss.

Intentionally living without routine luxuries in an area where electricity, water, and internet access are inconsistent, Jennifer and Darwin have decided to put down roots in a beautiful country that has been tragically disfigured by lawlessness.

Embark with them on this unique journey transcending race, nationality, and social class, and be challenged to consider a new perspective forged in the trenches.


Jennifer Zilly Canales


Thank you for sharing your journey thus far. I have enjoyed the updates through your other means and the book provides the background that will provide more meaning as you continue your updates. Your writing shows your grace. May you continue performing good works in His name and thank you for setting an example I can try to emulate in my daily work.
– Mitchell K.

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