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How to Be a Fascist: A Manual

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The first and only guide to turning your 21st century democracy into a fascist paradise.

Democracy is difficult, flawed and unstable. It involves barely distinguishable political parties taking part in lengthy, overcomplicated and expensive decision-making processes. Trying to engage so many people with political issues seems to lead only to complexity and disagreement. So why bother? Doesn't fascism guarantee a more effective and efficient management of the state?

In this short, bitingly ironic mixture of On Tyranny and The Psychopath Test, Italian political activist Michela Murgia explores the logic that is attracting increasing numbers of voters to right-wing populism. Far from its origins in the 20th century, fascism is once again on the rise in an age of increased connectivity and globalism. Murgia shows how many of the elements of our society that we might think would combat closed-mindedness and xenophobia actually fan the flames. Closing with a "fascistometer" to measure the reader's own authoritarian inclinations, How to be a Fascist is a refreshingly direct, polemical book that asks us to confront the fascisim in our governments, in our societies, and in our own political leanings.


Michela Murgia is an award-winning Italian writer and a political activist. She has written travel books, political non-fiction and novels, for which she has been awarded the Premio Campiello and the Mondello International Literary Prize.


"Murgia...exposes the insidious nature of authoritarianism in this tongue-in-cheek guide to remaking a democratic society into a fascist one...Readers will gain new insight into why illiberalism is on the rise."
Publishers Weekly