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I Am Real: An Obedient Life Experience Following The Voice of God

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Is God real? Is God real to you?

Struggling with these questions Glennys Hyland risked everything leaving her home country of Honduras. A single mom with two children immigrating to a new land, Glennys heard God say to her on the plane to America, "tell everyone that you get in contact with that I AM real".

Sharing the real and vulnerable experiences of a woman's daily walk with the Lord, Glennys shares how real God can be in life's most challenging times. Through detailed recollections of the unexpected and disappointing seasons of life, Glennys tells of her struggles dealing with a spirit of fear, the sudden loss of loved ones, scars of rejection, the weight of homelessness, and overcoming sickness.

Encountering God and the practical instructions He gave her to live life in complete surrender to Him, Glennys discovered obedience resulted in constant interventions of God's supernatural provision.

From healing for her soul, to a strong and healthy marriage, and experiencing countless souls converted to Christ. God is real and He wants to be real to you.


Glennys Hyland was born in Honduras. Her biggest desire is to see people saved, healed, changed, transformed, and excited for the things of God. Glennys is leading Move the Earth Ministries - a ministry that exists to lift up the Church in prayer and build up the believer in faith. She organizes a prayer movement where different congregations, pastors, and leaders come together to worship and pray for the Church and for our nation.  She has encouraged many women to fight the good fight of faith through her “Let’s Get Real with Glennys Hyland” YouTube channel and her book “I AM REAL.” Glennys has been married to her husband Shawn for 23 years and they have 4 children.

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