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Lead From Any Seat

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What would companies look like if everyone was driven by continuous improvement?

What if everyone was empowered to lead and motivated to make a difference?

A lack of workforce motivation in any improvement activity is a serious threat to positive and sustainable outcomes. Harnessing internal know-how by engaging all employees in problem solving and process improvement activities is key to creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Lead From Any Seat motivates employees at all levels to step out of their comfort zone and initiate change using a structured approach. The continuous improvement tools described in this book are easy to follow and can be applied to any industry and any job.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who is determined to stand out and make a difference. While most continuous improvement books read like textbooks and are bloated with unnecessary details and repetitive explanations, Lead From Any Seat provides easy-to-implement tools, tips, and examples to help master the fundamentals of continuous improvement.

This easy-to-read book is guaranteed to get everyone excited to participate in the transformation of their organization and to become better leaders.


Andrei Anca is a change leader based in Boston, Massachusetts who helps organizations across a variety of industries achieve excellence through process improvement. He takes pride in motivating people at all levels to take initiative and to adopt a mentality of continuous improvement.

Andrei is also a photography enthusiast. He loves reading photography magazines, books, and blogs, watching tutorials and anything that helps him improve his photography. Maybe it's his professional background with Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement that gives him the motivation to constantly improve his skills.

He is convinced that even if you just take small steps to improve your skills, you are on the right track to achieving excellence.


"This is one of the best books that takes Lean principles and adapts them to anyone who cares about their career, in any organization. Lean is NOT just about cutting costs. These continuous improvement principles can be used by anyone in any organization to inspire change and to accelerate your career. I want everyone to read this book." - Keith Norris, CEO, KPI Fire

"So amazingly easy to read and so spot on! Well done!" - Micky Nye, Senior Executive