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Lead The Future - Shape Your Brand

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Tweeting becomes a leadership skill? A Management book by brand expert Oxana Zeitler examines the social media strategies of the most successful CEOs in the world. In today's connected world, top executives have to be among the top communicators. They need a sophisticated social media strategy and a clearly recognizable personal brand to fulfill this role. In this specialist book for CEOs, high-ranking managers and business leaders the author shows what makes a "social CEO": presence, curiosity, attitude and courage. But above all empathy. Anyone who wants to be successful as a senior executive has to have the right mindset. Instead of leaving communications to a press spokesman, CEOs should use digital channels to establish contact with a wide variety of target groups, get to know new perspectives and consolidate their own mindset. This will help business leaders to strengthen their reputation, improve their company's visibility and build sympathy and trust for it. In this book, Oxana Zeitler looks at the social media strategies of top CEOs such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, former SAP board member Bill McDermott, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon and many others. For example, the author explains how Siemens boss Joe Kaeser pins his political colors to the mast on LinkedIn and how Allianz boss Oliver Bäte rediscovers himself and "communication on an equal footing" on Instagram. Or how Benno Dorer, one of the few German managers to head a US group, skilfully uses opportunities offered by social media for himself. The reader gains an insight into how leading CEOs position and market themselves and gathers ideas on how to bring their own social media accounts to life. Above all, the book raises awareness of the importance of one's own brand as a leadership tool.


Oxana Zeitler