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Leverage Leadership 2.0: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools

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Cut through the mystique to learn the real drivers of great school leadership

Leverage Leadership 2.0 answers the basic question: what do great school leaders do that separates them from the rest? Rooted in the observation and training of over 20,000 school leaders worldwide, Leverage Leadership 2.0 offers a practical, updated and easier-to-use follow-up to the original, with field-tested techniques and actionable advice. As educational leaders around the world implement Leverage Leadership ideas, their collective stories have revealed a simple framework by which the seven levers may be implemented: See It, Name It, Do It. This book aligns classic Leverage Leadership principles with this proven framework to streamline implementation and help good leaders become great. Expert discussion and real-life success stories prove that effective leadership is not about innate charisma, charm, or personalityit's about how a leader uses their time.

Aimed at all levels of school leadership, this book shows you what to do, and how and when to do it. The companion DVD includes 30 real-world videos that showcase effective leadership happening in our schools right now, and all templates, tools, and other professional development materials have been fully refreshed with a renewed focus on real-world implementation. Informational, inspirational, and highly motivational, this book explores both the separate components of success and what it looks like as a whole.

  • Learn the core principles of effective leadership
  • Understand what success looks like on the ground
  • Practice the seven levers of leadership that allow transformational growth
  • Adopt the tools and techniques that facilitate a schoolwide transformation

Educational leaders from a diverse array of schools around the world have found unprecedented success using the key principles detailed in Leverage Leadership, and this book is inspired and informed by their stories. Leverage Leadership 2.0 is the practical resource school leaders need to start making real change happen today.


PAUL BAMBRICK-SANTOYO is the Chief Schools Officer for high schools at Uncommon Schools and the Founder and Dean of the Leverage Leadership Institute, creating proofpoints of excellence in urban schools worldwide. He is the author of Driven by Data, Leverage Leadership, Great Habits, Great Readers, Get Better Faster,and A Principal Manager's Guide to Leverage Leadership 2.0.


I don't usually like reading, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book! Although I am currently a teacher, I found this book a life-saver even to be used to teach me how to teach more effectively. Starting from data-driven instruction (always the go-to step), it is golden! It is somewhat similar to the book I read- The Breakthough Principals. These books are direct and precise in what to do in all kinds of situations. I just feel so much more confident in leading because now I am more knowledgeable in how to lead. You cannot live without this book if you are a leader in a school!

I love the book and its contents: the information is immediately applicable and relevant. My only gripe is that I cannot download the DVD .zip file from the website. I have tried from several different wifi and network locations, but the download stops midway through every time.

Interesting side note: I recently conducted a reference check for a teacher I wish to hire for my school and the person providing the reference is one of the principals featured in this book.
-Myonghwan Eiselstein

Paul has few peers in the crusade to ensure school leaders have high fidelity, high priority practices critical to grow the capacity of their teachers so they can, in turn, ensure student growth...and school leaders are so thankful!
-Rosemary Perlmeter, Co-Founder Teaching Trust, Founder Uplift Education