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Professional Failure: Using the Gift of Failures to Better Yourself and Those Around You

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Failure is a gift. Use the gifts you've been given.

Why do we have such a crippling fear of failure? We desperately scramble to cover up mistakes, to avoid staggering shame and embarrassment.

I believe in failing forward. I believe we can not only use our failures to elevate performance, but also share the invaluable lessons we learn, lifting up those around us.

What if we normalized failure, even learned to embrace it? Could it be possible that our failure might be the very thing that connects us with others?

Professional Failure encourages a remarkable change in mindset–one which will undoubtedly set you free. As you dig deeper into the concept of failure, you will uncover that what lies beneath the fear of failure is not an end, but a beautiful beginning.



Justin Skinner grew up in Springfield, Missouri, on a dairy farm just north of the city limits. He is the oldest of four children and married to Kendra Joy Skinner. They currently live in Springfield with their little Morkie-Poo Daisy. They love spending time with family, and enjoy playing all types of board games and pickle ball.

Justin played collegiate baseball at Crowder JUCO and Drury University, and is inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. Soon after college (and getting fired from a job) Justin and Kendra started their own business in Springfield. Together, they also began investing in real estate and running short-term rentals.

You may also contact Justin at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.

What others are saying about Professional Failure

“Few people like to talk about their failures. We prefer to cover them up, sweep them under the rug, and keep them out of site. But Justin has discovered a better way. Failure is a powerful path forward; we need only change our perspective on it. Justin’s writing is full of helpful stories and lessons of faith. To really succeed, you must learn how to fail well. Justin will show you the way.”

– Chase Replogle,
Pastor and Author of The 5 Masculine Instincts

“This amazing book is not only a road map for how to elevate your career but is a much needed reminder in how to rise up as a human being! Justin poignantly reveals the power of shifting your mindset when it comes to failure and mentorship. While we often connect with others while celebrating success, it’s equally meaningful to form a kinship in the face of failure. Such an important lesson!”

– John Lohrenz,
Author of The Prosperity Project

“Justin Skinner delivers an exceptional perspective on how to learn from not just our own failures, but the failures of others. As someone who has extensive experience with failure, I’m truly grateful for the simple and powerful lessons provided in Professional Failure. They are lessons we can all benefit from.”

– Adam Hill,
Performance Coach and Author of Shifting Gears

“Professional Failure is a remarkable book that reminds us failure is not something to fear, but a powerful tool  for growth.  Justin conveys real world wisdom through the lens of engaging stories. If you’re looking to improve your life, then this book will be your mentor and guide on your path to personal growth.”

– Erik Hardy,
Author of The Being Equation

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