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Raising Leaders, Not Followers

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Did you know that most American children receive an education designed for the poor...whether public school, private school or even homeschoolers? That's right, most homeschool families and private schools provide an education historically designed for the poor. This type of education has also been called Conveyor Belt Education.

Discover how to jump off the conveyor belt and give your child a superb education. Use your homeschool to raise Christian leaders who will impact our communities for God. Kerry explains how you can give your children a leadership education from a Christian perspective. You'll have practical ideas you can implement this week.

If you have younger kids
If you want an overall strategy of leadership education
If you want specific ideas on character development
If you want 9 strategies to develop a love of learning
If you have kids shifting to independent learning should get Raising Leaders, Not Followers


Kerry Beck, after 10 years of homeschooling (her kids have graduated), she enjoys meeting with moms to encourage them in raising, educating and encouraging their own kids. She has a strong desire to show families how to give their children a love of learning. In her spare time, Kerry enjoys cooking, quilting, having coffee with her friends. And chocolate, too!