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reDefinition: Has The American Church Correctly Defined Christianity?

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How we define words matters.

More than ever, believers need to have a clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Lacking this knowledge leads to a misrepresentation of who Christ is.

Can we honestly say that the American Church has correctly defined Christianity?

Are we more concerned with how God defines the Faith or with how we define it for ourselves?

In reDefinition, Pastor Matthew Clark focuses on seven key Biblical concepts whose meanings have drifted over time. Tackling each concept honestly, openly, and compassionately, he shows how the following terms have transformed from Scripture's original intent and have fallen victim to reDefinition:

- What is the standard by which you live your life?

- What truly leads to salvation?

- Does it matter if we offend God?

- Does your lifestyle show that God is worthy?

- How are we to treat other believers?

- Does your faith exist outside the church walls?

The Abundant Life
- What should one expect of the Christian life?

This book challenges believers to see Christ and the Church correctly. We can no longer be passive. We can no longer be silent. We must boldly stand up and proclaim, to the world, an accurate image of Christ.


Matthew Clark is a husband, father, pastor, and author. He has been in ministry for close to fifteen years and has served in a variety of areas. He lives with his family outside of Columbus, Ohio and is a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye fan.



So much truth in the words shared by Pastor Matt! I am not one to sit down and read a book, but that is slowly changing as I get older. Matt is a personal friend of mine, so naturally when your friend becomes and author, you support your friend and buy his book. I just finished up chapter two and cannot wait for some quiet time to continue reading. I have had the honor of serving in ministry with Matt for 10+ years now and what I can tell you, is this man loves the Lord. Matt also loves people and seeing souls come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! Thanks Matt for your obedience to what God has called you to. Thanks you for also speaking and writing truth! Your making a lasting impact on lives for eternity! Get the book, y’all!
– Fred Fuller

Pastor Matt does a wonderful job of demonstrating present-day challenges that take our focus away from Jesus Christ and the true meaning of the Scriptures as originally intended. Matt applies everyday examples and Scripture to provide a message that we are put on this earth to be bold and passionate communicators concerning the life of Jesus Christ with faith as God intended.

I recommend this book for Christians who want inspiration and uplifting on their current journey or the new Christian seeking their path to serving Jesus best. This book will also be a fantastic Bible study centered around scripture to address everyday issues.
– Wes Kremer

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