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Sales Leadership: The Essential Leadership

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Imagine a workplace without fear, stress, or worry. Instead, you're acknowledged as a valued, contributing team player who doesn't sacrifice your priorities, values, happiness or your life for your job. Consider this is a reality in many thriving organizations who put people and their development first. Most leadership books don't apply to sales leadership. Sales leaders are uniquely and indispensably special and need to be coached in a way that's aligned with their role, core competencies, and individuality to achieve their personal goals and company objectives.

What if you can successfully coach anyone in 15, 5 or even 60 seconds using one question?

Sales Leadership makes delivering consistent, high-impact coaching easy. For busy,caring managers, this removes the pressure and misconception that,"Coaching is difficult, doesn't work, and I don't have time to coach."

Since most managers don't know how to coach, they become part of the non-stop, problem-solving legion of frustrated Chief Problem Solvers who habitually do other's work, create dependency, and nourish the seed of mediocrity.

Great business leaders shift from doing people's job to developing them by learning the language of leadership--coaching.

In its powerful simplicity, Sales Leadership delivers a chronological path to develop a thriving coaching culture and into a coaching leader who creates top performing teams and sales champions.

Using Keith's intuitive L.E.A.D.S. Coaching Framework, the coaching talk tracks for critical conversations, and his Enrollment strategy to create loyal, unified teams--you will inspire immediate change. Now, coaching is easily woven into your daily conversations and rhythm of business so that it becomes a natural, healthy habit.

In his award-winning book, Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions, Keith was the first Master Certified Coach to share his personal coaching playbook that is now the standard for coaching excellence. Ten years, millions coached, and 75 countries later, he unveils the evolution of sales leadership and exemplary coaching through his experiences working with Fortune 5000 companies and small businesses worldwide. In the first book ever entitled, Sales Leadership, you'll learn how to master the ability to:
  • Dramatically boost sales, productivity, efficiency, as well as cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improve forecast accuracy, achieve business objectives, wins sales faster, and retain more customers
  • Reduce your workload and save over 20 hours every week on unproductive, wasteful activities
  • Confidently, turnaround underperformers in 30 days or less
  • Assess company readiness and ensure implementation of a successful,sustainable coaching initiative to create a healthy, happy workplace and top performing culture
  • Leverage the award winning L.E.A.D.S.coaching framework so leaders can ask more questions, give less advice,and build the trust and accountability to rely on people to do their job
  • Shatter the toxic myths around coaching generational gaps and eliminate departmental silos
  • Create team alignment and buy-in around strategic change to improve daily performance metrics
  • Assess company readiness and ensure implementation of a successful,sustainable coaching initiative to create a healthy, happy workplace and elite sales leaders


Since 1989, Keith Rosen has delivered his customized sales training programs & sales management training & coaching programs to hundreds of thousands of salespeople & managers, helping business leaders in practically every industry; on sixc continents & in over 75 countries.

Keith is the founder of Coachquest and CEO of Profit Builders, named one of the Best Sales Training & Coaching Companies worldwide for the last four consecutive years.

Keith has written several best sellers, including Own Your Day and the globally acclaimed, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, used by the top global sales organizations & winner of Five International Best Book Awards, as well as the #1 best-selling sales management coaching book. Now, he brings you, Sales Leadership, ten years in the making and one million miles traveled.

As a leader in the coaching profession & the pioneer of management coach training, Keith was inducted in the inaugural group of the Top Sales Leaders Hall of Fame in recognition for his outstanding contributions in sales coaching & leadership development. He was also named The Sales Education Leader of the Year.


"Keith Rosen's Sales Leadership will take organizations to the next level of success that many sales leaders struggle to achieve!"
Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author and two-time Thinkers 50 World's #1 Leadership Thinker

"Everything you need to know on how to coach you're your team into top performers.Coaching has become a linchpin to the "new work order" and effective coaching with unconditional support--using one universal coaching methodology--will transform your organization into a united front of trusting, happy, empowered employees focused on a shared vision. With great clarity and detail, Sales Leadership helps leaders develop the skills needed to produce extraordinary results."
Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

"Keith makes the coaching conversation easy and offers techniques that can create a breakthrough in performance and thinking in minutes, not hours! And for busy, caring managers, this removes the pressure and misconception that, "Coaching is difficult and takes too long."
David Cohen, Vice President of North American Sales, Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

"Sales is more complicated than ever, but Keith understands the key drivers to getting results better than anyone. His coaching framework should be the cornerstone of any organization that seeks superior performance. "

Michael Coscetta, Head of Global Sales, Square

"The days of, "I promoted my top rep to manager and they're struggling"are over, when you make your salespeople great coaches. Keith shares a simple, yet effective strategies every leader needs to become a great coach and a better leader."

Tony Rodoni, Executive Vice President, Salesforce

"A practical guide for getting the best from others and yourself that every people leader needs to refer to daily. If you want to become a transformational leader, this book paves the path for you."

David Jullo, Country Leader EMEA, Microsoft