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Sex & Society: God's Design, Tradition, & the Pursuit of Happiness

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"A thoughtful, compassionate analysis of created sexuality"
Salvo Magazine

60 years ago, sexual revolutionaries preached a new world of individual freedom and equality. Today, we have embraced their vision but not so much each other. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety stand at record highs.

Could we have drifted from God’s design – that males and females belong together to complement and fulfill each other?

Borrowing from theologians and historians, psychologist Michael Kuiper presents a case for a sexual order grounded in sacred order. In contrast to ideologies that celebrate solitary pursuits, the Bible offers a paradigm of communion. Imaging the relational nature of God, the sexes find their deepest identity as they function in harmony, awakening and empowering each other’s masculine and feminine possibilities.
Examining God’s amazing design for human flourishing, we wonder: Is it time for a new sexual revolution?

“…wonderfully articulate, scientifically accurate, and biblically sound.” “…a powerful apologetic for historic sexual traditions and biblical values.” “A must read for concerned students, professors, pastors and other thought leaders. This inspiring book reminds the reader of what is timeless, true and worth championing, even against a cancel culture unwilling to hear.”


Michael Kuiper is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice. A licensed psychologist since 1995, he has served as a supervisor and codirector of a Christian counseling center. As a missionary to the Philippines, he founded a pastoral counselor training program and helped launch Theological Education by Extension (TEE). He has also taught psychology on the graduate level in the US. His MS thesis measured stress on brain functioning. In his Doctor of Ministry dissertation, Michael tackled the interface between modern theories of cognitive therapy and the biblical call for Christians to renew their mind. His PhD dissertation was a qualitative study illustrating the powerful psychological benefits of Christian conversion. He has written on the subject of sexuality and culture for the Christian Post and the Human Life Review.

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