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If Butterfly Kisses Is What I'm Remembered For When I'm Dead-I Can Live With That.

Songstory, written by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Randy Thomas, is a writer's room narrative of "Butterfly Kisses," "Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That?" and other great songs.

Sharing his intimate knowledge of the Christian Music industry, Randy Thomas covers the music of the Jesus Movement, bringing Sweet Comfort Band and ALLIES alive again. Songstory is also a backstage pass to Shania Twain's transformation from a nightclub singer to an international star.

Using songs as musical signposts of the journey, Randy Thomas infuses healthy doses of irony and laughter into the threads of Songstory. In addition, this Grammy award-winning songwriter shares his knowledge about songwriting, including his best tips throughout the book.

Beneath it all, the music, the industry, the relationships, lies an even bigger story--the unfolding of God's unstoppable grace.


Randy Thomas


Absolutely loved this book. Sweet Comfort Band was the first Christian band I listened to once I was old enough to go out and buy music for myself. However I never knew the amazing career Randy Thomas had outside of SCB and Allies. I have not laughed this hard while reading a book in decades.
– D. Cowie

Great storytelling; funny; useful songwriting tips. I recommend it highly. I think it would be enjoyed by readers of a wide variety of backgrounds.
– Jennifer

Randy has done an exceptional job of sharing his life in early Christian Music to the hit song Butterfly Kisses (which he cowrote with Bob Carlisle). He shares the highs and lows. Randy gives an honest look what happened in his life during these years. You feel like you are sitting there having a conversation with him as the story unfolds. The story is filled with a lot of stories that will make you laugh a lot. I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Great job Randy!
– Michael Howell

Many “honey listen to this” and laugh out loud moments. Very entertaining. This book was a great journey into the music industry’s inner workings. Not all fun and games as one would suspect, plenty of drama. A great read for everyone!
– Todd Caruso

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