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The First-Time Manager

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The jump from star employee to new manager is bigger than most people realizewith opportunities to fail at every step. Stumbling your way through isn't an option.

Learn to conquer every challenge like a pro with the clear, candid advice in The First-Time Manager. For nearly four decades, this trusted guide has brought newcomers up to speed on the nitty-gritty realities of managing people.

Leading meetings, hiring employees, motivating others, actively listening, staying calm under pressure, overcoming resistancedozens of skills are hammered home with honest explanations of what to expect and how to excel. Examples and action steps round out the lessons.

Plus, this seventh edition delivers new information that helps you manage across generations, use online performance appraisal tools, persuade with stories, oversee remote employees, build a team dynamic, match a boss's style, and more.

With little experience or training, a coveted promotion can become a trial by fire. No one needs that. Turn to the book that thousands have relied on to hit the ground running.


Jim McCormick(Denver, CO) is founder and president of the Research Institute for Risk Intelligence, and the former COO of the nation's fifth-largest architectural firm. As an organizational consultant and executive coach, he has extensive experience working with CEOs and other leaders.


I am an HR professional and currently working with an employee to get him trained up for management. This employee got SO much from this book! He is a star employee, but did not understand what it took to be a good manager, and no matter how much you told him he didn't quite get it. This book changed everything! This book was written so well that my employee feels like the author was writing just to him. I am a real critic when it comes to the quality of management books, but this one is spot on. I highly recommend for any new manager, anyone thinking about a career in management, and a manager who feels like they want to brush up on the basics to make sure their focus is in the right place
- Wendy

I really recommend this book if you are first time manager. There's many aspect that you can learn from this book. I wish I could read this book when I just started with my new role. Probably transitioning from a star employee to a management role would be easy If I could have a previous knowledge about what to expect being a manager.
- Karla Elena Ramos