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The Good Pastor

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What does it take to persevere in ministry?"

The number of pastors who actually cross the finish line in vocational ministry is depressingly small. Excitement and exhilaration often turn to disappointment and depression, and we lose all too many. Is there hope?

With openness and frankness, Pastor Kelly Williams offers a stark and realistic portrayal of the very real and meaningful struggles we all face in doing ministry. He shares from the "trenches" of church and ministry, as well as in the home, and tackles the core issues with grace and hope.

Kelly's wisdom, born out of weaknesses of the flesh and his own spiritual struggles, is both articulate and devoted. Through his own trials and the disciplines God has honed through his life and ministry, he offers fresh ways to rediscover the disciplines, principles, and commitments to serve the Lord.


Kelly Williams grew up on a dairy farm in KY. Graduate of Liberty University (B.S.93), Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM96). Husband to Tosha. Father to five children. Senior Pastor of Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs for 21 years. In 2014 Vanguard was named as one of the Southern Baptist Conventions top evangelical churches. Kelly and his family live on a farm in Colorado Springs.



Great reading for any pastor who plans to be in it for the long haul! With over 25 years in the pastorate, Kelly has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shares here to help encourage others in their calling as pastor. The book is clear, concise, easy to read and packed with scripture. He is honest and raw about the real struggles pastors face and gives advice on how to face them head on. As a chaplain who is in it for the long game, I am grateful for this resource.
– Tricia Vincent

Pastor Kelly's years of experience allows him unique insights into pastoral ministry and the challenges it brings. Using the Scripture as his foundation, he addresses four main principles pastors must address if they are to have a sustained ministry. These principles are each divided into four disciplines, each with personal insights and practical application. Together, these help Pastor Kelly give the weary pastor encouragement and strength to run with endurance and “hit the tape” with all they have. I would recommend this book to every man who is new to the pastorate for a reality check of what is to come. I would also recommend this book the battle-fatigued pastor who wonders how much longer they can continue. As a man who has been in the pastoral ministry for over 30 years, I found much in “The Good Pastor” that not only resonated with me but encouraged me and fed my soul. I appreciate Pastor Kelly’s desire to help pastors sustain in ministry and would urge you to grab a copy.
– Rolland Kenneson

Kelly Williams writes the same way he teaches: with honesty and compassion. Kelly has always had a heart to help other pastors be better and this book is proof. He shares his own pastoral struggles openly while encouraging all pastors to consider the call they have been given. For Kelly, the pastorate is not a job or a stepping stone but a truly divinely-inspired call that requires those who are called to cultivate that calling through regularly engaging the Holy Spirit through the spiritual disciplines so many of us ignore. This book is a great tool to prepare the new pastor in the realities of the call and what they need to do to make it for the long haul. It is also a great tool for the established pastor to remind us what we need to do to finish well. Thank you Kelly for the gift that this book is.
– Christopher Nason

Thank you, Kelly, for your willingness to share your church planting-growing experience so openly and freely. Pastoral ministry has many seasons and challenges. This account of your journey of faithfulness to God and His leadership at Vanguard will encourage many as they follow their calling in their season of ministry.
– Alan W Scott

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