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The Making Of A Christian Leader

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Dynamic and effective leadership is the key to growth and success in any organization, including the Christian Church. In The Making of a Christian Leader, Ted W. Engstrom explains that good leadership begins with a clear understanding of tested principles of management and human relations. Then, building on practice and experience in developing skills, the leader cultivates the qualities and personal traits that make good managers. "When we decry the scarcity of leadership talent in our society," Engstrom says, "we are not talking about a lack of people, but rather a scarcity of people willing to assume significant roles and get the job done effectively. This book has been written to help the Christian leader get a clearer picture of what he wants to do and be in a church or organization -- and how to get there."


Ted W. Engstrom was President Emeritus of World Vision International and formerly Executive Director and President of Youth for Christ International. He authored numerous books and was co-author of Managing Your Time.


This book has a great introduction, and I realize that the rest of this book will fill me with a lot of potential information that will help take me to a greater understanding of leadership. I am not reading it now, though I have peaked into it. I can't wait.
- Daniel Atkins

If you like to study the bible then you will need this book in your library. Study to show your self approved.
- David M. Self